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What started 12 years ago with Victor Crezée and Sex Dj Danny the Funk at Bitterzoet and became one of the most notable Hip Hop parties of Amsterdam is now moving to a new location, with the original name but a new energy.

BBQ will be held on August 30th at Lo Fi Amsterdam. 

"For 12 years we strived to serve as a platform for artists and DJ’s who bring forth a variety of sounds and give a reflection of what is happening in our headphones. But the music in our headphones has changed as well as the musical landscape. So we felt that it was time for a change. A change of environment, a change of space where we are still able to provide the platform that BBQ always has been: bridging the gap between sounds, cultures and people which results in a life-changing party/experiences on the dancefloor." - Lentini

Life at the BBQ 

Friday, August 30th

— Line Up —
▸ Stippenlift (LIVE)
▸ Wally A$M (LIVE)
▸ Juan Beukeboom (LIVE)
▸ Sekan
▸ Sandor Dayala
▸ Kléo

Pre-sale tickets: €10,-

Location: Lofi, Basisweg 63, Amsterdam