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Around the world, British manufacturing in many industries is highly regarded for its quality assured output and New Balance recognise that. The firmly Boston-rooted footwear brand have had their British production outpost in Flimby (an approximately 2-hour drive from Manchester) since 1982 now, where all their 'Made In UK' shoes come from. 
We headed to New Balance's 'Made In UK, Season 1' presentation last week in London, where they showcased their latest campaign, and exhibited signature 'Made In UK' footwear, both old and new.
The most recognisable model from the UK factory, the 1500, had a dedicated wall with 'LEGACY' titled across it. Here was a strong display of its best known colourways including collaborations from Footpatrol and Crooked Tongues.
A projected short-film told the story of four London characters; fashion editor Elgar Johnson, Damian Malontie of CareFree, artist Lotte Andersen and Jake Hartwell of The Basement; who are featured in the latest campaign, as well insight to the revered New Balance Flimby factory. 
Showcased new product for this year sees modernised tweaks to the 1500, alongside other British goodness including the 991 and 576. There was further insight into New Balance's production by an automated embroidery machine allowing attendees to see how the shoes' tongues are decorated, just like how it's done in the factory. 
new balance made in UK

Here's to another 35+ years of New Balance 'Made In UK'!

All words and images: Denis Yong