Posted by Anne van Lingen on

Patta has worked with iconic Italian sportswear brand NR Ennerre on a throwback football jersey. The NR x Patta No. 10 Football Jersey is inspired by the kit Italian football club Naples wore during their 88-89 season, the year they won the UEFA Cup, guided by the legendary Diego Armando Maradona.

Founded by ex-football player Nicola Raccuglia, NR was technical sponsor of numerous Italian football teams in the 80s, and is known for its exceptional Made-in-Italy quality. The NR x Patta No. 10 Football Jersey is fabricated in the authentic NR way, out of the highest quality acrylic material. As such, it only comes in two sizes, with its stretchy character ensuring the one size will fit S, M & L, and the other XL and XXL.

The front of the jersey sees the sponsor replaced with Patta branding, and features NR embroidered appliqué as well as a Patta Panther patch. The back of the shirt is decorated with number 10 in white fabric, sewn on with a zig zag stitch.

The NR x Patta Nr. 10 Jersey will be available on the Patta app on Wednesday June 10th as a pre-release, and will land at Patta Amsterdam, Milan and our online store on Friday June 12th at 13:00 CEST.