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Patta Running Team

Founded by Edson Sabajo in 2010 as a way to motivate his friends and family to train, chill, laugh and party together, Patta Running Team consists of people from many different backgrounds and a wide variety in running pace and intensity. While a runner’s objective may differ from person to person, the overall team is not too focused on having an extremely healthy lifestyle. For us, it’s primarily about coming together as a group, dragging each other over the finish line, seeing different places together, and most importantly, having fun.

In this current COVID-19 crisis however, it is extremely important to keep your mind body and soul active, so if you are able to: please join Patta Running Team in its running challenge!

Update: the Patta Running Team challenge has started, sadly the window for signup has closed. You can still follow Patta Running Team on Instagram for extra motivation and to stay updated on future challenges.

 Please check your local governmental warnings and regulations about running in public and be safe and healthy at all times.

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