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Patta SS23 Mixtape by REGE SATANAS

Patta SS23 Mixtape by REGE SATANAS
Patta Soundsystem

For this year's Spring Summer collection, we asked one of our favourite DJs to interpret the collection. Introducing REGE SATANAS' brand new mixtape for Patta SS23, featuring a curated selection of music from South-East Asia sourced from his personal vinyl collection. Expect to hear a diverse array of sounds, ranging from traditional folk to contemporary electronic, all infused with the unique cultural influences of the region. With a keen ear for discovering hidden gems, REGE SATANAS takes listeners on a journey through the rich musical landscape of South-East Asia. This mixtape is not to be missed for newcomers to music from the Asian diaspora and vinyl enthusiasts alike.


Ferry Duo - FNL's Blues [Vietnam]
Dylan Thanh - Balanced Voice Songs [Vietnam]
Haba Haba Group - Sitigol #1 [Indonesia]
Jariphand Ong-Ard - Thai Boxing [Thailand]
Kosok Tee Det - Plearn Promdan [Thailand]
Chantana - Changwah Disco [Thailand]
Dub Fai Kui Gun - Sroeng Santi [Thailand]
Srueng Santi - Mai Rak Yar Rak [Thailand]
Pu Yai Lee Santana - Rung Fah Puping [Thailand]
Tony & Polar Bear 5 - Unknown [Singapore]
Samsimar - Indang Pariaman [Indonesia]
Cambodian Space Project - Tek Tum [Cambodia]
Rubiah - Siti Payung [Indonesia]
Thao Bunmanh - Pheng Kom [Laos]
Unknown Artist - Bapikek Balam [Indonesia]
Prith Windra - Unknown Title [Bangladesh]
Eden Ahbez - La Mar [Hawaï]
Yma Sumac - Wanka [Polinesia]
David Mingyue Liang - Dream Of Flowers [China]

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