Patta x Andy Wahloo Lookbook

Patta x Andy Wahloo Lookbook

Patta x Andy Wahloo Lookbook

Photography & Styling: Hassan Hajjaj | Photography Assistant: Salah Bouade

Talent: Yazid Bezaz, Masoud Bezaz & Zakaria 

Patta has teamed up with Andy Wahloo on a capsule collection that blends their distinct styles combining traditional Moroccan elements and streetwear. Andy Wahloo is a lifestyle brand founded by visual artist Hassan Hajjaj. The brand name, Andy Wahloo, translates to "I have nothing" in Moroccan dialect.

Both brands share a rich history and identity that prioritize community, heritage, and street culture as essential elements. By fusing these two styles, Patta and Andy Wahloo create a unique capsule collection that represents their shared values and culture.

Hassan Hajjaj's vibrant work showcases the cultural diversity that reflects the streets of Morocco, his country of origin. Although he works across various mediums such as sculpture, video, fashion, photography and performance, his most recognizable works are his lively photographs featuring individuals posing against decorated backdrops. Andy Wahloo celebrates the unique mix of traditional and contemporary influences that shape Moroccan culture, showcasing the dynamic spirit and creativity that characterize the country's vibrant street life.

Patta has a longstanding relationship with Moroccan culture, as Amsterdam, Patta’s homebase, is the place where a beautiful mix of Surinamese and Moroccan influences can be found. This unique collaboration serves as a bridge between cultures, allowing for a deeper understanding and connection.

The Patta x Andy Wahloo capsule collection includes a green script logo boxy hooded sweater, black Khamsa Hand T-shirt, green script logo T-shirt, black full length Hooded Sweater, reversible Bomber Jacket, green logo jogging pants and a black cross shoulder bag.

To celebrate the launch of the capsule collection, Patta and Andy Wahloo created a tea, grown in Morocco and resourced from around the world. The tea includes tea bags available in a traditional tea bag box, and loose leaf tea, available in a limited edition metal box, the tea will be available exclusively in-store at our Amsterdam chapter.

The Patta x Andy Wahloo capsule collection will be available on Wednesday, April 19th at 13:00 CEST on, the Patta mobile app and in stores at Patta Amsterdam, Patta London and Patta Milano.