Posted by Anne van Lingen on

Months in the works, Patta and Hogeschool van Amsterdam are proud to announce the Patta x HvA Hoodie

For the last two years, Patta co-founder Edson Sabajo has been mentoring students in the minor Entrepreneurship programme at Amsterdam's University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Under this programme, Patta and the minor students sat down to discuss possibilities to elevate HvA’s merchandise, resulting in a whole different concept; launching a Patta x HvA hoodie pilot.

‘It’s a college hoodie, like the ones you see in American universities. Those are even worn by people that don’t even necessarily go to that specific school. Meaning, this hoodie is also accessible for people that don’t go to Hogeschool van Amsterdam.’ Says Valerie, one of the HvA students partaking in the project.

The Patta x HvA hoodie will be available at Sexyland on the NDSM terrain in Amsterdam, during the release party for the collaboration on Wednesday, January 15th starting from 17.00.

The remaining stock will be available at Hogeschool van Amsterdam's Wibauthuis location on January 16th between 10.00 and 14.00.