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On the conception of Seen By You, Raven Artson says: "Seen By You was written after realizing the pain experienced by an unanswered love was self-imposed. I found myself in a dark mental place that was both valuable inspiration as damaging insecurity. Lyrically I’m conflicted: “I will come to ask of you: ‘rescue me, before I’m seen by you’”. This song serves as an exploration into my own duality."

"Director Jeroen Dankers created a visually thrilling mystery depicting the birth of me: Raven Artson. Elaborating on the conflict explored in the song, we wrote the story to be multi-interpretable. One such interpretation explains the masochistic fantasy to be sexually dominated by the woman whose love I desire. Soon this dream turns dark, as I obediently cross my borders. In submission I impregnate the woman, who gives birth to our baby in the opening sequence of the video. Realizing what happened, I’m covered in shame head to toe in the second part. Either way I unmistakably wake up in the final seconds of the video, ready for a new chapter."

Raven Artson will perform during the OZSI party at Sexyland on April 26th. 

Behind the scenes photography by Nick Helderman

Raven Artson

Directed by Jeroen Dankers / Producer - Hannah Padding for Bandit / Cinematographer - Boas van Milligen Bielke / Styling and Production Design - Ekaterina Galetski 

Seen By You is written, produced and performed by Raven Artson Additional production by Mucky

Raven Artson
Raven Artson