Thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate each and all of you. 

 With all of retail being hit hard in this corona crisis, where you decide to spend your hard-earned money doing groceries and which businesses you choose to support almost becomes a statement. As an independent company ourselves, we are very grateful for every purchase, and we show this by going the extra length to provide good service. We figured we’d show you the beauty in buying local, while we're homebound, by highlighting some of our regular but extraordinary spots around our way.



1. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 112 - "My favourite bike shop. Quality, cheap, fast. When you wanna fix your bike, these are things that are very necessary. You won’t find anybody who’s cheaper than these motherfuckers."


2. Korte Prinsengracht 97 - "My favourite grocery store. These people have been here since 1962. Old school Amsterdam. They never been different always stayed the same, humour, fun and quality product."


3. Haarlemmerstraat 7 - "My favourite wine shop. Once again, quality is the key word. They got, I think, one of the best selections in Amsterdam, maybe the whole of Holland. The people are always happy to serve you, they got jokes, you can taste a lot of wines, they know their shit, just name a few keywords- 9 out of 10 times they got it right."


4. Haarlemmerstraat 115 - "My favourite cheese shop. This shit is outrageous, they got basically all the different high end cheeses from all over Europe. I recommend the Spanish blue cheeses. Test them all. Their goat cheeses are also amazing. But anyway all their products are fucking amazing. I also buy my pasta here. They have a brand that I can't buy anywhere else. Nothing like in your fucking supermarket this is some next level shit."


5. Zeedijk 129 - "One of my favourite fish shops. Once again: old school Amsterdam, quality standards are really high, this guy knows what he’s talking about, he does his own buying, cannot get better than this."



1. Kinkerstraat 142 - De Volkskruidentuin

"What’s in a name.. Scents & colours actually, in a nutshell.

For all your herbs plus also a good tea selection."


2. Ten Katestraat 38 - Energy Dictator

"I mean if we’re talking names?! Small bodega with a family vibe. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Amsterdam when you enter this place."


3. Ten Katestraat 43 - Tropic 2000

"This is where i get all my Surinamese groceries.

Antroea, Sopropo, kouseband etc" 


4. Ten Katestraat - Ten Kate Markt

"The market for the people.

Slightly less people now, but still." 


5. Bilderdijkstraat 99 - Peter van Ginkel Kunstenaarsbenodigdheden



1. Beukenweg 26 - Aslan Turkse Supermarkt

"My Turkish neighbourhood supermarket, run by two brothers.

Super friendly, extremely fresh produce. Their motto is “If we don’t have it, you didn't ask”"


2. Camperstraat 48-50 - 4850

"Restaurant, wine and coffee bar. They usually have really good food and are known for their cinnamon- and cardemom buns, but why i really like going there is because of their Caffè sospeso. They are located right across the service entrance of the hospital and as a token of gratitude, customers will order a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. Health care workers will then be served a coffee for free." 


3. Eerste van Swindenstraat 4 - Roopram Roti

"Classic Surinamese Roti spot. Always a long line, always worth it."


4. Wibautstraat 77 - Hartog’s Volkoren

"Hartog has been around for literally a hundred years. Their bread is still made with only a handful of ingredients: wholewheat, yeast, salt and water. no additives, with grains still being milled in-house." 



1. Van Limburg Stirumplein 10A - Boótoe

"Located in the 'Staatsliedenbuurt' is one of my places to go to just get me some grub and laughters. Since people actually cooking at the house and take away/delivery is on the low they decided that you can make your own and take some with ya from the spot. Support your locals, cause after this Covid-19 i still wanna eat and laugh at my spot."


2. De Regenboog Groep

"These guys work around the clock to offer homeless people in Amsterdam as much stability and protection as they can, of course more needed than ever.

To make more space for everyone to safely stay inside, De Regenboog Groep expanded their opening hours and guest capacity by collaborating with local sports facilities. For volunteer work or donations visit"


3. Ten Katestraat 26 - Branie

"Crazy Asian fusion place. My homies from Indonesia introduced me to this spot, been coming back ever since."