Unity X Edson Sabajo X Dutch Creativity Festival

Unity X Edson Sabajo X Dutch Creativity Festival

Unity X Edson Sabajo X Dutch Creativity Festival

This week ADCN will host the second edition of Dutch Creativity Festival at The Social Hub. During the Festival you are invited to explore hip-hop's powerful story and potent potential with Edson, Patta and his friends. With Dutch Graffiti Library, the 13th floor will be transformed into a visual tribute, catch classic graffiti films, flick through old hip-hop magazines and vinyl or listen as DJ Taco and DJ Mixtures spin records. Seek and exchange knowledge with Maikal X in his keynote 'Establishing Hip Hop as a Heritage', sit down with Vic Crezée and Violette Esmeralda to talk about culture or join the workshop given hosted by Edson and Patta on how to build creative communities. 

Leading up to the festival NAJAH, two upcoming film talents at The Panics, created this beautiful piece of moving poetry starring Edson Sabajo. The video, shot on 16mm film and produced by The Panics, forms an ode to Unity and the important role hip-hop has played in the sub-cultural history of Amsterdam, and Edson‘s own life.


Check out the full Unity program here.

And there is more. On Friday evening Gee will give a rare speaking appearance, as he will be sharing the influences which shaped his early creative curiosity via special Q&A with host (and friend) Jason Fulton from This Memento. Over two days, connect, explore, grow and reflect with more than 65+ creative leaders, artists and entrepreneurs, like Afaina de Jong, Studio Hagel, Random Studio, Marlou Fernanda, Patagonia and Meryem Slimani to rewire your thinking and jump start a new creative journey. Check more here.