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Patta Dance T-Shirt Lookbook


Photography: Chase Pope
Assistant in Photography: Mello
Artwork: Josh Scurville
Models: Kesensa’aakhut Mordi and EB

Summertime in London holds host to many celebrations of the communities who call this city home. From celebrations of the African and Caribbean diaspora to Pride and the many music festivals that curate experiences in the city, we wanted to pay homage to the inimitable passion that Londoners have to take to the streets and dance together.

Straight from the heart of our community, and created by one of our very own Josh Scurville: a graphic Tee that resonates with the vibrant spirit of the streets. Born and raised in West London, Josh seamlessly navigates the worlds of illustration, animation, and printing. His distinct hallmark lies in his exceptional ability to infuse pen and paper with a sense of movement, all while using a dynamic colour palette that sets his work apart.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Josh's artistic journey is a canvas for experimentation, exploring diverse styles that harmonize flawlessly with each unique project. Rooted in a rich tapestry of inspiration, his work is deeply intertwined with music culture, particularly hip-hop, funk, and jazz, which breathe life into his artistry.

The artwork shows a lively dancing figure, rendered in a captivating burst of colours that mirror the vibrancy of celebrating in the capital city. With a limited run, the Patta Dance T-Shirt is a London exclusive, this one is by the London community, for the London community, available August 23rd, 2023, solely in our Patta London chapter.
Patta AW23 Lookbook


Patta AW23 Lookbook
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