Nike Air Max 1 (Red Bark/Khaki-Terra Blush-Dusty Peach)

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What all started out as an experiment in 1987, turned into one of the most iconic silhouettes the swoosh has ever created. The Air Max 1 has been praised throughout the years and has been popular across all demographics. 2020 marks the year of another sin-city inspired iteration with the Air Max 1 Amsterdam. Covered in premium materials all over, this one is aimed at those with a fine taste in air.

This heavy hitter is covered in tumbled leather, premium suede, nubuck and a small hint of corduroy on the heel. All of this has a brick-inspired color palette referring to the city's many rustic brick buildings and paved roads in the historical city center. The green swoosh is a small hint at the painted window frames of the canal houses, iconically seen all over Amsterdam. The capital's three crosses are embroidered on the side panel along with a red mini swoosh on the other side. Finishing off this tribute to the city we all love & hate, an embroidered ode to the canals sits on the heel.

All these details contribute to an Air Max that lets old heads reminisce on the past, while the new sneakerheads that are running the block will be introduced to its rich history. The pi├Ęce de resistance of this year's Air Max month is here to bring our city to the streets all over the world, no matter where you are. Wear it with pride, as you should.