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Garage Noord owners step into a new space

Garage Noord owners step into a new space

kanaal40 is a cultural space where the program focuses on micro-pop cultures from around the world. The old historic building where kanaal40 is located in a place where lines are blurred between underground and mainstream. The art and music program is curated by Hala Namer (LazerGazer) and Bram Owusu in extensive collaboration with collectives and artists from the city and beyond. The musical program is defined by a variety of musical genres ranging from afrobeat,
and hyper pop to reggaeton trap and drill.

The website serves as an online video-based platform broadcasting micro-pop culture and is acting as a worldwide extension of the physical place. On visitors can browse through the endless world of music videos curated by a growing family of contributors from different backgrounds. These contributors are selecting their content based on universal ‘moods’ which serve as a browsing tool on the website.

With the opening of kanaal40 the ’40’ brand also officially launches (bar40, restaurant40, and club40). This ’40’ brand will function as an open source franchise where like-minded cultural entrepreneurs from around the world are challenged to reinvent the brand. For more information please email

You can visit them at Warmoesstraat 60, Amsterdam, 1012 JG

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