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Patta Foundation

Aside from being a commercial entity, Patta annually donates a fixed percentage of its income to the Patta Foundation. This foundation looks to fund projects aimed at inspiring the youth to be active in their communities, to aspire to entrepreneurship, and to be a leader to their contemporaries. Whether it be in sports, music art or culture, our goal is to activate the young leaders between the ages of 20 and 30 to offer perspective and be role models to the next generation. In all of these cases, the younger generation will then be trained and educated to take over that mantle and do the same for the generation that follows.

Thanks to its strong reputation, aspirational success story and irrefutable history and roots in local youth culture, Patta is able to reach vulnerable and hard to reach target audiences and inspire them.

Goals & Objectives
Initiate and develop projects that enable growth in young adults through sports, music, fashion, culture entrepreneurship and social consciousness. The Patta Foundation is a non-profit organisation.

Board Members
The Patta foundation has a three-member board. There is no compensation for board members.

Project Managers
We are generally working with young people that have little or no experience. To ensure the quality of the projects, we will appoint a project manager for each project. This will differ from project to project. Project managers will be compensated and will be included in project budgets.

Finished Projects
As the foundation has only been effective from October 2018; there currently is no project finished as of yet.

Current Projects
We are currently initiating projects for 2021.

De Wittenstraat 25-7
1052 AK, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 363 6148

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