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We received a mysterious email with a bunch of mp3s recently, with no more information than that the sender goes by the name of Nubi. The music is some of the most captivating we have come across though, so here is our attempt at getting to know the artist(s?) behind it. Nubi performs as the opening act for Ray Fuego at Paradiso Noord in Amsterdam this Saturday the 15th. Tickets and more info here

NUBI interview NUBI interview

Nubi, you're an enigma. Can you tell us something about about yourself? Where are you from?
"I was born and raised in the Bijlmer(SMIB), and a nigga still live there, you know? My parents moved here from Ghana."

How would you describe yourself? And why do you choose to stay anonymous? 
"I love music, I collect masks and I guess I’m a little bit shy. But mostly, ion fuck with a lotta people… but my music does."

Musical inspiration? Draw a line from the beginning of music until the sound of Nubi.
"A nigga grew up going to church where niggas played gospel every sunday, youknow? And I started listening to Sosa(Chief Keef). He the main reason a nigga started making beats. Did that on my uncle's laptop. One day sum friends invited me to go to Dekmantel where a nigga first experienced techno music, and after that i started experimenting with different sounds. I would call my shit soft techno."

NUBI interview NUBI interview

Your first release is set for January 2019. What can we expect from this release and the live show?
"In January I’m finna release episode 1, which is both a musical and visual story, youkno? 15th of dec I have my first liveshow opening for Ray Fuego, not sure what to expect tho."
One of your dreams is to play at Dekmantel 2019. Why Dekmantel Festival?
 "That's the place where it all started, Dekmantel 2015. That's where a nigga saw the light, the options… yea. That's where Nubi was born."

What is your ultimate dream?
"Doing this my whole life. And building a media-studio in the hood where you can make music, videos, anything. niggas don’t have that shit over there."
Being born in the year 2000, what do you think is the significant difference in the musical landscape of you compared to that of your parents?
"Nowadays niggas consume music in a broader sense. Like, you’re now one click away from Jazz and Rock at the same time. My parents' musical landscape was way more isolated. They really had to get out and buy a cd before they could listen sum shit. You had to be more thoughtful with it. Niggas only bought what they knew."


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