Inspired by the phrase "Publicity. Publicity. Wohoooow!" Patta’s latest collection with Nike features multiple creative expressions including apparel, footwear and a campaign for which they collaborated with a group of 11 artists.

“Traveling. Visiting each other. Getting to know each other. For us, that is where the collaboration between Nike and Patta started,” explains Patta’s Vincent Van de Waal.

The phrase, "Publicity. Publicity. Wohoooow!,” stems from another sort of collaboration — the spontaneous “happenings” of 1960s avant garde artists, like Amsterdam’s Robert Jasper Grootveld. For the Patta crew, these engagements remind of a need not just for self-awareness and irony, but as Van de Waal notes, about how wearing overtly branded items becomes an act in space in and of itself.

Patta broaden their collaboration by giving space to extended family to share their unique perspectives on the output as a series of campaigns that form “happenings” both physically and digitally. All of the work is collated in a book, created in collaboration with Linda van Deursen.

Noted documentary filmmaker Morgan Knibbe made a recording of a winti ceremony by traditional Surinamese band Weti Doivi.