Craig G, the Queensbridge freestyle OG - and good friend of the Patta brand - recently recorded a freestyle to congratulate us on our jordan collaboration and anniversary. We asked him a couple of questions, on the rap game and how he’s seen it change over the years.

Craig G, you’ve been in the game since you were 12, what would you say are the biggest changes you’ve seen?

The do-it-yourself attitude and the lack of patience in letting replay value determine classic music.


Is there anything you would have tried to change about what happened to rap music?

It’s a natural progression.. the problem to me isn’t the music. It’s how it’s being made and consumed so I’d still make working a music project a thing as opposed to just trying to viral to become popular.


Looking back, what would you tell your younger self? 

Pay your taxes, invest in more property.


Do you see any of the spirit that Hip Hop had back in the day still reflected in the modern rap world? 

In the non-mainstream stuff and over in Europe. I just wish people didn’t have to look so hard for it 

What music excites you right now?

Conway, Westside Gunn, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Benny the Butcher, Joey Badass.


Who, if any, are new artists that you respect, that maybe operate from the same values as you?

I don’t know them personally, but those guys I mentioned and the people I collaborate with from all over the world.


In “Who Stole The Soul" you talk about how Hip Hop saved your soul because it used to have substance. What are some of the lessons you took from rap music that you wish the kids nowadays could get? 

That hard drugs are bad, respect is mutual and love is not weakness.

What’s your connection to Patta? 

Me and Edson go back to the late 90’s where me and Marley came out for some shows and we clicked. I did a promo for him and he blessed me with some Undefeated AF1’s for my time I really appreciated that; he’s a stand up guy.


What’s your top 5 kicks of all time? 

Black cement Jordan 3’s, Bred Jordan 4’s, Bred Jordan 11’s, AirMax 95’s and Shell toe adidas 


What kicks do you have in rotation right now? 

Sheesh.. that’s a lot of pairs but I’d say my concord 11’s, Infared 6’s, Orange and green AirMax 95’s, and my green camo Foamposites. They’re great on those rainy days.