DARINA has always been herself and very unapologetically free, this brought her troubles at school but in the big world, it was considered fierce. At a young age, Darina was making steps in exciting directions in the music industry, working at music labels and festivals as her day job but never losing her passion for video, photography, and music. Everything Darina learned during her teenage years in the music industry gave her the confidence to finally release her music and put herself in front. Darina is just killing time and living life in the best way she can imagine for herself. 

My Jewels is Darina’s second single and first genuine silenced fuck you to the world. Using her art as a message to the world has always been the reason for her to make music and create images. Darina’s songs feel like research work with her conclusions that she wants to tell the world, to inspire people. My Jewels was years of research, of being free and wearing what she wanted but also about living in her small bubble within her hometown Amsterdam. It is a unique city with a great group of creatives that are inspiring people all over the world. It’s because they love their jewels, their clothing, their gems, their grills, their tattoos, their sneakers, name it… Amsterdam loves and cares for their jewels, they’re insane but fun. 

It’s all in the mindset - of not caring about your appearance but about how you feel the prettiest. How you feel good and beautiful, that's important. Take care of your jewels, and your inner self but don’t forget to have fun.

Guitar: Sugi.wa
Producer: Ducktape
Lyrics: Darina Kiara Gavidia
Video by Darina & Bene

Darina Miller is wearing the Patta Underwear Women Bralette