Get Familiar: A1 Denim

Get Familiar: A1 Denim

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Patta London
Get Familiar: A1 Denim

The young brand out of London expanding the presence of denim within contemporary street styles go by the name A1 Denim; you're gonna wanna remember that name. This duo have been close to the Patta family since their inception in 2021 and now they will be available in Patta London from now. In anticipation of this launch, we caught up with Milan to get familiar with what they have in store for us.

Can you introduce who is involved in the project and what A1 Denim is all about?

Milan: Me, Leon (Parara) and my cousin Che who helps us make it happen. Che keeps me grounded. I tell him what exuberant item we want to make and tells me why it simply cannot be.”

How did you get into the clothing game?

I like to wear baggy jeans but I hated being a 32 and having to cop a 36. I wanted A1 to eliminate that issue. The rest is history.

How was it starting a brand during the peak of the pandemic, what were some challenges you faced right out of the gate?

I had a bunch of cash saved for the project pre-pandemic but when work dropped off and we were sitting indoors, I was super frustrated with the situation like everyone and just wanted to do something for myself. It was a massive risk and it was the only money I had. It had to work. It couldn’t fail.

Can we expect more club nights in the future?


Your latest collaboration was with Pelo Rosso, how did this come about?

Leon was getting tattoo’d be Pelo a bunch. His work is incredible. The collaboration came naturally.

What does the rest of this year look like for you?

Working with friends and probably more jazzy jean colours.

How did you link up with the Patta London crew?

Me coming in to the store to harass Arms and the rest of the staff.

A1 Denim will now be available from Patta London, 6 Silver Place from Friday, October 15th.