Get Familiar: Jordy

Get Familiar: Jordy

Get Familiar: Jordy

Interview by Passion Dzenga | Photography by Ivor Alice | Styling by Leah Abbott

Jordy is a mainstay in the U.K. scene, making his own lane through talent alone, he is redefining what it means to be a rapper. Flows, wordplay and much more set him apart from his contemporaries. With his follow up to the "SMH" project that dropped last year titled "KMT" about to drop we decided to get familiar with the artist so we can find out more about Jordy, not Jordan.

How did music enter your life?

I had older cousins, they produced music but i was so rubbish at pushing the buttons, so I rapped. One way or another, I was falling into music. I wrote my first bar at age 6, it went something like "No hot water, better get your daughter". I always rapped but then this kid called Josh made a diss track for me when I was like 14 so I had to put my gloves on and record something. After that, I retired and didn't get back into the booth until I was 18. I remember in the early days looking up to Ludacris but then once I was in my teens I started looking up to more U.K. artists like Kano, JME and Giggs.

What is your creative process like?

I could never write bars sitting down! I need to pace around the room, a bit like a psycho but outside of that, I'm flexible. I can get to work in collaborative spaces, alone, in noisy spaces or the most silent of rooms. It doesn't bother me.

How do you stay so motivated to create?

My whole circle is doing bits and that is enough to keep me moving. Other times, I look at my energy bills going up and that can get me to work. I can really pull motivation from anywhere.

What similarities do you see between football and music?

There are loads of places where footballers and musicians will go through the same experiences. The main one that comes to mind is how open-minded you become to criticism and speculation. The thing is though, you signed up for it, it's just an occupational hazard.

You have been building your trademark sound for a while, are there any other genres and spaces that you would like to expand into?

There isn't anything that I'm looking to try at this point in time. It usually comes to me quite naturally but I am open to trying most things through music, as long as it is organic.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I'm a diva and it's getting worse. I'm thinking to start wearing shades indoors and as far as the music goes, you can expect a lot of riddims and work with some special guests too.

Who do you usually work on your music with?

I'm usually in the studio with my older cousin Jo, who is the one who made Uber X and my longtime brother TJ, who made A13. My other longtime brother Miles who I can say made me rap - he taught me pockets, gaps and flow and that stuck with me. To be honest, they're never leaving me even if they wanted to - I will sulk!

How did the collaboration with Wretch 32 come around?

So Wretch worked with my older cousin Jo years back and they stayed good friends to this day. We have a few more mutual connections so I guess he always knew about me somewhat. I knew I wanted him on a track but I didn't know which one. Finally, I had made this track "40 Acres" with Jo and we just knew this is the one for the Wretch feature. Jo slid it through to Wretch and the feeling was mutual. So then he came to the studio and tried to murder me. 

Any dream collaborations?

Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak - you know what, I wanna be in Silk Sonic. And oh yeah Skepta!

Who from your scene gets you excited at the moment?

Elt Cheekz - my cousin. Some people say that I am biased until they hear him, you should go check him out!

Any chance of a Filthy Fellas mixtape?

Not a chance! I don't want them anywhere near me! I'm actually working hard to finally split off from them. They are a shambles and they annoy me - especially PK.

Jordy's latest music video for this latest track "PEAK" is out now.