Get Familiar: Kwamz

Get Familiar: Kwamz

Get Familiar: Kwamz

Interview by Passion Dzenga | Photography by Lowie van der Grinten

For this edition, we took a moment to sit down and get familiar with the man who has listened to nature's Symphony. We are talking about Kwamz, a proud Ghanaian artist. He was born in Accra into a Ghanaian family, but his story truly began at 6 months old when he moved to London.

You can't tell Kwamz's story without mentioning his equally talented brother, Flava. The duo, Kwamz and Flava, crossed paths as teens and quickly formed a solid brotherly bond. Some years later, they created music together, resulting in their infectious Afropop songs: 'Matta,' 'Wo onane no,' and the banger 'Takeover.' Kwamz wanted to experience music from a different perspective and distance himself from the city noise of London.

During his time away from London, he focused on himself and reflected, creating songs such as 'Confidence' for his first-ever solo EP, 'Nature's Symphony.' In this EP, he strongly showcased his Ghanaian roots through songs that are truly worth listening to. If you want to know more about his journey as a solo artist, hang around and get familiar with Kwamz.

Congratulations on the release of "Nature’s Symphony"! Can you tell us what inspired the title of your EP and its overall theme?

Thank you! I’m so happy to be releasing this project. Last year, I went to Amsterdam for a writing camp and I really loved the energy of the people and the culture so I decided to stay. I’ve been living in the Netherlands for over a year now. When I was writing the songs for this EP, I was literally in the woods surrounded by nature. Hearing those natural sounds and being away from the city helped me focus and that’s how Nature’s Symphony was made. 

You've had great success as one-half of Kwamz & Flava. What prompted you to venture into a solo project?

I love my brother Flava and we’ve had an amazing journey together. It just felt like it was time for us both to work on our own music and build our own story. We still support each other and he’s been with me all through this project. He’s even in the Boogie Dance video as well. People are always asking when we’ll release new music together again, but we’re both enjoying our independent journeys right now. 

"Nature’s Symphony" showcases your Ghanaian roots. How important is it for you to incorporate your cultural heritage into your music?

I am a proud Ghanaian man! Ghana is my home and my inspiration, so it’s really important for me to celebrate that. Even with how I incorporate Twi into some of my songs. I love my culture and I’ll never stop!

Can you walk us through your creative process when developing the tracks for this EP?

I was literally out in the woods in the Netherlands, writing music for this EP. I wanted to be away from all the noise of London and Amsterdam, to find somewhere beautiful and natural for me to focus my mind. I loved the experience and there’s even more music from that time which hasn’t made it onto the EP. 

"Bad Behaviour" and "Confidence" are standouts on the EP. What inspired these tracks, and what message do you hope to convey through them?

Confidence is about knowing who you are, having the confidence to be your true self and not letting anybody take that from you. Bad Behaviour is me and JMANI letting it be known that we’re active, we’re hustling and we’re having a good time.

In "How I Want," you express self-confidence and individuality. How important is it for you to convey these messages to your audience?

It’s very important for me. I’ve had some amazing highs as an artist and a human, but I’ve had lows too, just like everybody else. I think it’s important to celebrate the person you are and the experiences that have moulded you. Don’t lose yourself trying to be somebody else, just love who you are and have fun! 

What's your favourite track on the EP, and why?

My personal favourites are Bad Behaviour and How I Want. Bad Behaviour is a big vibe! We’re expressing our lives right now and the vibration we’re on. How I Want is me talking about embracing the person I am and not letting other people’s opinions affect me. 

As an artist, how do you stay creatively inspired and motivated in an ever-evolving music industry?

I’m always trying to stay in spaces and around people who have a good energy that I can really vibe with. I’m very focused right now. I like to meet new people and have new experiences which inspire my music, but at the same time, I have to protect my energy and not allow myself to be distracted. 

With "Nature’s Symphony" now available on major digital platforms, what are your expectations and hopes for the response from your fans and new listeners?

This is my first EP as a solo artist. I was nervous before but I’m already getting a crazy reaction and I’m gassed! This is going to be one of those projects that steadily builds over time, trust me. I’m really thankful to everyone who’s been part of the process for this and I hope everybody likes it as much as I do. 

Finally, can you give us a glimpse into any upcoming projects or plans you have in the pipeline?

I’ve already got new music loading up so it’s non-stop from here. I’m staying active with new music, live shows and bigger visuals!

Kwamz’ "Nature’s Symphony" is available for streaming now on all digital platforms.