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Patta Soundsystem
In this week's Get Familiar: Glenn Ascension, alias Yung Nnelg— a multifaceted solo-artist hailing from the creative scene of Amsterdam South-East.
With the launch of his Zes Nullen record label and creative agency, while simultaneously elevating his musical career in his own unique and vibrant style, Yung Nnelg is one to watch.

Check the interview and his latest music videos below:

How would you describe your musical style?
I try to create from a pure place in myself. By being open to various inspirations in life this resonates into the music I make. Wether it is Ghanian Hiplife, Atlanta trap or 90’s R&B you can hear all these inspirations back in my music.

You’ve done some type of product for all of your releases, where did you come up with the idea to do that?

I try to give people a full experience of anything I create; visually, sonically and physically. I think I got this from having a big imagination and trying to think as a child when I’m in my creative space. Match this with a force of persistence and the results are my releases.

Where do you find your artistic inspiration?
From a lot of places; instagram, tumblr, museums, movies, conversations, books, magazines, the world.

Can you share your favourite childhood memory with us?
The moment my dad thought me how to cycle on two wheels by myself. That freedom and power I felt at that moment I was cycling by myself matched with the hyped yells from my father still gives me this indescribable feeling.

How did you connect with Patta?
My friends and I were about 15/16 and had this blog where we would post and write about streetwear and pop culture. Someone in the group posted something about Patta and we got so obsessed with the brand. My brother Eben Badu eventually got to intern at Patta Distribution and this really allowed us to connect with the Patta family.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments so far? What are your goals?
One of my biggest accomplishments might be the fact that I’m able to live from my passion. The launching of Zes Nullen as a record label and creative agency was also a crazy accomplishment, since I’ve been plotting on this for a while.

I have a lot of goals haha. I’m focussed on inspiring generations after me who will see and use the full potency of themselves and collectively create a better world. I’m still focused on having a sold-out show at the Ziggodome. I’d love to create this carefree state of being for my family with financial literacy and financial independence, so they can excel their creativity to an unknown level. I want to buy 100 acres of land in Ghana. Zes Nullen will become an internationally acclaimed creative agency with a diverse range of collaborations with creatives, companies and foundations.

First album; what is different in the process, compared to the EPs you’ve released before?
I was very conscious of the power and weight of my words during the creative process, I was really trying to float in the flow and tap into the conscious stream.

Does that come with more pressure?
No, I wasn’t aware that I was creating my album at those moments haha. It just felt like those songs that eventually ended on my album were sacred moments where I went deeply in myself. When we put those songs together we really realized that we were on to something special.

What’s next?
I’m at this point in this silence before the storm state. My album is done and will be released very soon from this moment. So mentally and physically preparing for a new era of music, touring, shows and lots of creative collaborations!

As we are based in London and Milan as well, we’d like to know; do you have any connection to these cities? Any music artists or other people from these places you connect with?
In the UK I connect with the camp of Slowthai. We’ve known each other for a while now and it’s a very genuine connection we have, it goes further than “colleagues”. I’ve had endless talks with Slowthai’s producer Kwes Darko, I really appreciate the love I always get from them.

I met Dark Pyrex, from Dark Polo Gang, during this shoot we were doing in Amsterdam. He was very cool and it was sick to see how he’s doing his thing in Italy.

There must be interest from labels by now, what is your reason for going the indie route?
The way I’ve been manoeuvring as an artist was always as if I was an independent artist, I like control over my creations. When you have a clear vision it’s only right to jump in the deep. I trust my vision so much that I know that it has to get me to my goal. I like to own the things I make as well.

And what are your main takeaways from being an independent artist?
You’re an artist and running a label at the same time, so you always have to be accountable and on your p’s and q’s.