Natiforme - Intercity Direct

Natiforme - Intercity Direct

Natiforme - Intercity Direct

Intercity Direct represents a digital release that celebrates a music culture revolving around edits, mashups, cut-ups, and outright plunderphonics. This compilation is presented by Natiforme, a collective led by Derozan, Giaderza, Lulu, and Nèna, operating between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. With contributions from 9 artists originating in both cities, the compilation seamlessly bridges the gap between the two urban centers. From Rozaly's up-tempo soca rhythms to Evelyn Palace's serene pop edit of "Sane Again," and then transitioning at a relaxed pace to Solomas' reinterpretation of the Tiësto classic "Lethal Industry."

The release holds a significance beyond being just a digital album. The intention is to enhance the sense of community value within the music scenes. Embracing the joy of sharing, collaboration, and humor as the norm—without rigid purism or elitism. This ethos is exemplified by NIZ’s take on the local high-school anthem "Schudden," and april222.’s breezy track where altered lyrics harmonize with trance-like snares. The spirit of playfulness endures in STYN’s kuduro rendition of Hudson Mohawke’s "Cbat," a track from 2011 that recently gained viral traction on TikTok. Who could anticipate a remix turning into a viral meme?

 Similar to the digital landscape, this compilation serves as an open realm for the convergence of genres and production styles. Noise Diva, a connoisseur of genre-blending, contributes a Middle Eastern bubbling track. HMXGOD, based in New York, adds a dreamy riddim to Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek," evoking nostalgia for the early 2000s while resonating with today's club sound.

The internet has birthed fresh avenues for consuming and engaging with music. In the context of contemporary underground club and music culture, digital accessibility empowers DJs and producers to express themselves. In this spirit, the compilation adopts a 'pay-as-you-like' model for its release. Supporters are encouraged to contribute as they are able. Compilation is out now on Bandcamp.

You can get your hands on the Intercity Direct compilation here

On this upcoming Friday, September 15th, a gathering is planned at Kanaal40 to commemorate Natiforme's inaugural release. Natiforme proudly presents "Intercity Direct," a digital compilation featuring the creative talents of nine artists hailing from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. "Intercity Direct" serves as a homage to a music culture centered on edits, mashups, cut-ups, and innovative plunderphonics. To mark this special occasion, B4MBA has been extended an invitation to perform. The event's lineup also includes some of the compilation's featured artists, namely NIZ, Noise Diva, as well as collective members Lulu and Nèna.The doors will swing open at 23:00, and the festivities will continue until 05:00!

You can get your hands on tickets to the party here.