As the Patta with Lasha collection is dropping this week, now is a perfect time to introduce this friend of the brand to the world. Read on to Get Familiar with Lasha and find out how this collaboration came to be.

Lasha, can you tell us about where you’re from and what you do?
Nigerian and Zambian, born in London. Member of Boy Better Know.
Operating in Fashion Technology; designing, modelling and working on STEELO STYLE™️, the community styling app I am launching this year.

Where did you grow up and how has that influenced your life?
North London born and bred. Being credible and sincere is the foundation I'm built on. Close knit circle, same friends I grew with are the same friends I still roll with.

Out of all places in the world you’ve been, could you see yourself living anywhere else than London? How so?
London is the office where things get done and ground work gets solidified.
Africa would be the only place that would take me away, Zambia and Nigeria both being appealing options for me.

Can you explain how you’re connected to Patta?
Over the last five years or so I’ve built a close relationship with the guys at Patta.
My first gifting came from Gee and till now I have all the old school Patta tracksuits.

How did this collaboration come about?
After a monstrous stint opening and closing Virgil Abloh's first LV shows I am starting the new decade with a focus on designing. Along side MAINS which I’ve been designing for with Skepta it was a top priority to kick off the Lasha design journey from the right place. It only made sense to start here with the first brand who embraced me.

What was the creative process like?
The creative process was quite straight forward. Patta know what they’re doing when it comes to silhouettes which made it easy for me to tell a story with the capsule.

Who are your biggest influences; in life, your art, and in music?
My family and friends are my universe so that’s where I get most of my inspiration.
I’m also fortunate to have relationships with most of my favourite artists - I struggle to zone in on lyrics or art if I don’t believe in the person behind it.

What is your dream project/collaboration?
I am programmatic and strategic with my goals, the word "dream" makes them seem unrealistic to be honest. From a project/collaboration perspective i would love to link up with NIKE.

What’s exciting you the most, for 2020?
The start of new decade! New ventures, new 5 - 10 year plans and most importantly I feel the most sturdy I have ever felt at the start of a decade!

The Patta with Lasha collection is now available in-store at Patta Amsterdam, London and Milan and online.