Mila V - The Craze EP

Mila V - The Craze EP

Mila V - The Craze EP

Starting as a multimedia artist and filmmaker, Mila V has carved a world of her own through film and photography, either featuring herself or by spotlighting non-conforming people through her mediums. Over the last few years, she started producing music to accompany her visuals but quickly found her groove when she began collecting analogue synths, sampling them and adding her own vocals to the process.

Recently, Mila V has accomplished finding and balancing her sound, realising that the music she makes has taken a leading role in her offbeat world. Now, she’s ready to share her musical ventures – productions, vocals and visuals – as a one-woman show.

For her first single “The Craze”, Mila V combined heavy breakbeat and ravey pads with streamlined distorted vocals, creating her signature ‘Emotional Acid’ sound. With the layering of her sound, Mila V shows that her music is not something exclusively for the underground clubs but also works well in intimate settings. 

Mila V’s debut single came with an exhilarating video that took inspiration from seventies cinema and is shot on 16mm. For her debut EP “The Craze EP” she shows an eclectic mix of genres, influences  of breakbeat, electro, techno but also memorable pop vocals and hard hitting lyrics.

Ranging from the instrumental club banger called “Verbsucker”, to the vocal based “Perfect” that tells the story of feeling of someone wanting to be with you for wrong reasons and the attention, and trying to stop you succeeding.

With “Clear Eyes” she really defines her emotional acid sound yet again, the track melancholic synth samples together with her bold vocals and choir of eerie pitched vocals tells the story about realising that you don’t owe someone anything and distancing yourself from emotionally greedy people. While “the Craze” was the final goodbye, “Clear Eyes” and “Perfect” tell the story that came before. “Verb Sucker” is the punch to dance your rage off. With another show extravaganza video for “Tear Eyes” in the making, Mila V is set to be shaking up some dust, wether in the club or in your living room. And she is creating her own genre of crossover acid pop music.