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This winter, Patta has worked with longtime collaborator and graffiti legend Boris Tellegen aka Delta on a trio of collectible toy cars named Brickwheels. 

Delta, born Boris Tellegen, began as a Graffiti artist in the 1980s. After studying industrial design engineering at the Delft University of Technology in the early 1990s, Delta began creating mixed-media sculptures, collages, and installations. The influence of architecture and design is apparent in his work in all media, with his focus on depth and creating a sense of three-dimensionality on a flat surface. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions all over the world. Delta currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Asked about the inspiration behind the Brickwheel collaboration: “Remembering the lure of the little box with a promise for fun on display in the toy store, the Brickwheel in essence is an homage to childhood memories of little heavy metal toy cars like Matchbox, Corgi, Hot Wheels, Majorette.”

Coming in three primary colours, the Delta x Patta Brickwheel is an exercise in abstraction, applied to classic die-cast toy cars with suspension.

“The idea is to see if that sexiness can still hold if you reduce it to just a heavy metal brick with wheels, but with suspension. A bouncy brick to be played and raced with. It’s a PlayThing.”

The Delta x Patta Brickwheels are available in three colours, with blue and yellow being the rarest. Colours will be assigned at random. 

Available in-store at Patta Amsterdam, Milan, London and online from Friday, January 10th.