Patta Soundsystem

Creative Direction: Mila V
Directed: Sara Elzinga & Mila V
Edit: Sara Elzinga
Styling: Mulas Hybrid Haus
MUA & Hair: Iraj Raghosing & Jazz Ben Khalifa
Ttile Effects: Roxi Basa

Patta Soundsystem and Mila V present the brand new record ‘CRACKS’, an EP that showcases Mila’s passion for producing electronic music. The feel for the sound and lyrics for ‘CRACKS’ originates from the concept of repression; Mila V feels that she had to suppress herself in the creative industry and in her relationships to not intimidate her partners.

The development of ‘CRACKS’ almost served as a form of therapy for Mila V with it being a result of expressing intuitively, feeling and processing everything in real-time without having a premeditated purpose. The process-centric expression results in multiple one-take vocals that respond emotionally to the underlying instrumental sounds and a sequence of five songs that complement each other chronologically in energy and meaning.




The ‘CRACKS’ EP from Mila V is her first physical release and will be available as an exclusive one-off vinyl-pressing when you purchase the collaborative apparel developed with Patta. Mila V is an artist we think you should get familiar with and over the coming weeks, we will be telling the stories of how this ‘CRACKS’ EP came to be. To celebrate the release of this collaboration between Patta and Mila V, Amsterdam’s De Schietclub will be hosting an event on Saturday, November 19th in the infamous Noordside venue. The intimate former shooting club turned nightlife destination will play host to a line-up curated by Mila V and Patta Soundsystem; bridging together the community that made this record a reality.

The Patta x Mila V collaboration will be available Friday, November 18th at 13:00 CET on, on our mobile app and in Patta Chapter stores in Amsterdam, London and Milan. Every purchase of the Patta x Mila V T-shirt comes with a free "Cracks" vinyl.