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Familiar Faces | QUANZA - Neon Noir

Familiar Faces | QUANZA - Neon Noir
QUANZA, an Utrecht-based producer and multi instrumentalist who is more than ready to enter the global music scene and determined to blow us away with his forthcoming musical endeavours. On Friday 16 July 2021 Carista’s label United Identities will release his solo single ‘Neon Noir’ on all digital music platforms. In 2020 his track ‘A Death Supreme’ — a respectful nudge to John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ — has been featured on United Identities’ highly acclaimed debut compilation album ‘Modern Intimacy Volume 1’, a selection of 10 tracks made by rising music talents from the Netherlands handpicked by label boss Carista. According to the Dutch DJ who runs the music imprint since 2016 and tours the world as an international artist, producer, music curator and more recently as the presenter of her own ‘Residency’ show on BBC Radio 1 and NTS Radio in London, all artists on the compilation are definitely worth to keep an eye on.
QUANZA’s newest single ‘Neon Noir’ is a sublime guitar heavy track that gently guides you into a new world once you hear it. The subtle silky smooth and warm chords of the iconic Rhodes piano perfectly balance out the fierce percussion and drum work. This piece of art is a true arrival into QUANZA’s journey and serves as an anchor for his cinematic approach in his contemporary music productions. QUANZA describes ‘Neon Noir’ as follows: “Neon Noir is about duality. It tells the story of experiencing positive life affirming and life changing moments while being stuck in the darkest place in your spirit at the same time. I wrote this track when I got in touch with myself again. It is a musical translation of my ongoing search to self as a human being and musician on this earth.”
Head honcho Carista about United Identities newest signee “QUANZA is one of the most intriguing young artists from my hometown Utrecht. I feel blessed to have seen his growth over the past year to this point where I’m about to release his single on the label. We share the same vision, are eager to continuously grow to the next level and willing to put the work in. That’s what United Identities is all about; creating an genuine space where everyone feels welcome and collectively flourish. QUANZA’s newest single truly embodies the music I want to bring out on my label — soul stirring honest music. Now more than ever before I feel there’s something really exciting happening in The Netherlands and I’m happy to have QUANZA on the United Identities artist roster.”

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