After a good few years of occasional visits and his NTS residency, Amsterdam-based Patta Soundsystem DJ Vic Crezée is taking to London for his new monthly clubnight at Borderline: RATAPLAN.

Together with a selection of guests, he’s amped to get you going on a mad variety of sounds for your central nervous system as only he can. Curious? Sneak a listen here: https://soundcloud.com/vic-crezee

In March Vic will be accompanied by one of the UK’s most respected broadcasters and DJs: Benji B. The Deviation head honcho and Louis Vuitton music director will share his broad taste in music with the Borderline dance floor. 

Also joining is Amsterdam-bred Ruby Savage. Since moving to London in 2007 Ruby has managed Sounds Signature, Wildheart and Brownwood Recordings to name a few. With her In Flames radioshow and clubnight Ruby shares her love of Post-Punk and we’re curious to hear what she has in store for Rataplan. https://worldwidefm.net/filter/ruby-savage/

Coming from a history of love for music and being present in the DJ scene it was only a matter of time until Patta created something to cater to the DJ, so on March 8th Patta will release its Patta Soundsystem Digi DJ / Utility bag, Rataplan a perfect place to celebrate its release. You can find more info about the Digi Dj Bag, Here. 

Get your tickets here. 

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