As we get closer to the global launch of our Jordan collaboration on June 15th, Nike SNEAKRS app sat down with two of our crew members and store employees, Bernie and Giano, to get their insider’s take on the culture around the shop, and how that energy relates to the line-up.

How did you end up working at Patta?

Bernie: “I became familiar with Patta at a young age. I was into sneakers and hiphop, that culture, and I remember seeing an artist on TV with a Patta shirt. I thought the script was pretty dope and went looking and discovered the store. When I was a bit older, I applied for an internship out of school and landed a job.”

Giano: “For me it was my neighbour. He was a bit older than me and was affiliated with Patta. He brought me into the shop when I was 13-14. From there, I just grew into the culture. I got to know the guys, Gee and Vinz mostly, and they told me if I ever needed anything to hit them up, so, one day, I also needed an internship for school and…well…1 + 1 is 2, right?”

How would you describe the Patta culture to someone who doesn’t know it?

Bernie: “The biggest word here is ‘family’. We’re not related by blood, but in other ways; through music, or fashion. That’s where the bond is. We treat each other like brothers and sisters, looking up to each other but also able to be more critical, if needed. We keep tight.”

Giano: “Definitely. What Bernie said and also that we are all into the same things. Everyone has their own style or tastes, but in the broader sense we’re similar people. We listen to similar music, see the same things, talk about the same things.”

How would you describe Team Patta?

Bernie: “Team Patta is literally what it means—we’re a team. But when somebody comes into the team, they eventually join the family. Even if they leave, because we’re all related in spirit, they still remain in the family.”

Patta is the first European brand to collaborate with Jordan, globally. What does that mean to you?

Bernie: “It’s sick! I remember when I first found Jordan, I was 14 or 15, and I fell in love immediately. To be part of the brand that is the first thing in Europe, a part of history, that’s dope.”

Giano: “For me it started early. I played basketball when I was, like, 7. I watched my uncles play, who are from America, and we would watch basketball together. I remember certain moments, their energy and excitement about Michael Jordan playing and them wearing the shoes and I connected those memories together. For me it’s a no brainer, it’s Jordan. Like Bernie said, it’s beautiful to be part of a brand that’s going to make history with something I’ve loved since I was a kid wearing Jordan shoes.”

How would you describe Amsterdam culture? And in what way Patta is leading it?

Giano: “At Patta, we can wear something that everybody wears differently. We also see something that you would never think about. Color coordination, way of lacing something, way of fading it. Instead of embracing culture and moving into culture, we make culture. And we do that as brand, but everybody does that as individual as well. Like Bernie makes his music, I do my parties, everybody has their own aspect of ‘owning the city’ and breathing the culture that we develop within the city.”

Bernie: “For me, yeah. I think that it means to just be yourself and stay you, and you’ll draw things to you, you become a magnet. You are the boss, basically.” Giano: “We are open to everything, we embrace everything. And everybody, like Patta, remixes everything. You know, we remix food, we remix clothing, we remix music. Everything has a base, but in Amsterdam, everybody tries everything.”

Giano: “Me and Bernie are really an example of how thinking for yourself and putting yourself in a position to become a better person can put you in a position in a company like Patta to really embrace yourself and to grow. And I think, for culture, that it’s really important to grow from yourself. And be special, in your own way.”