Patta has partnered with Converse to present a series of curated projects and events celebrating Converse’s iconic One Star.

Following up on the project with tattoo collective Order in April, this time Converse and Patta have commissioned friends and frequent collaborators Bonne Suits for their personal take on the Converse One Star with a photo editorial in true Bonne Suits-style, showcasing their latest collection paired with Converse’s classic model.

Bonne Suits, also known as the “the poor man’s suit” is the brainchild of Amsterdam-based stylist and Bonne Suits founder Bonne Reijn. Gaining experience and ideas as a stylist from a young age, he took it upon himself to make a suit more accessible. Reijn created a workwear-inspired suit that is oblivious to any occasion, sex, age, or social expectation. Something for informal and formal occasions that can be a key piece in anyone's wardrobe and life.

In early 2014 Bonne designed a limited batch of two-pieced suits consisting of a double-breasted jacket with cropped pleated pants, and labeled them "BONNE". Following up on the demand, Bonne has since made these unique suits available for everybody, and collaborated on special projects with Jan Hoek, Jour/Né, Piet Langeveld, Theo Wesselo and Patta, among others. Bonne Suits can be found at acclaimed retailers like Opening Ceremony, and this latest collection is also the first collection to launch at Bonne Suits’ newly opened retail store alongside TNO and SMIB: Zeedijk 60. the new Bonne Suits collection will be available there from tomorrow, July 12.

Stay tuned for announcements and more to come in celebration of the Converse One Star!