During a photoshoot trip in Toulouse, France alongside Amsterdam-based photographer and traveller Yamandu Roos, we were introduced to the remarkable wines and history of Maison Pierre Overnoy.

The unique wines from this estate are considered one of the best in the Jura region due to a combination of biodynamic farming techniques, high quality grapes and very selective yields. Emmanuel Houillon, successor of Overnoy, keeps a very close watch on the distribution of the wines, which are mostly allocated to be poured at fine tables worldwide or to loyal private customers.

Drinking their wine is a rarity, but it has survived monetary speculation and is still shared amongst friends today.

Piqued by the unique history of Maison Pierre Overnoy, Patta pays homage to one of the region's most influential producers of fine wine.

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Photography: Mitchell Wever

Pierre Overnoy (1937) was born and raised in Pupillin, a small town in the Jura. It was here that he worked to establish the wines of Pupillin as some of the best in the world, transcending the potential of his land using ‘soft’ medicine. Rejecting the idea of chemical intervention led by modern scientific progress, Overnoy chose to build on his family’s empirical knowledge and to this day, his soil is worked mechanically without weed-killers or fertilizers and from 1986 even the addition of sulfur to the wine was ruled out.

His wines were amongst the first additive-free wines featured on the best tables and slowly reached cult following. The maison stayed loyal to old customers and refused to push their prices up. This way the wine could only be exchanged and enjoyed by insiders and true wine lovers and avoid a speculative corruption.

“I am against the cult of personality. Every time one has been held, in whatever country, it led to disasters. Why this sort of fame and myth? I do not know, because there is no reason.”

There is an undeniable metaphysical element to Overnoy’s work. His rejection of a totalitarianism of scientific dogma and his embrace of ignorance and risk taking evokes critics of the ideal of progress and technology in all societies.