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    For the people who haven't had the chance to visit or only caught glimpses of our brand new London store, here is a closer look with images by the amazing Vicky Grout. The interior is designed by Amsterdam-based Lili de Goede (studio-lili.com), who we teamed up with to create what we were looking for: Simplicity, versatility, functionality and durability, mostly reflecting the original Amsterdam location. The majority of the interior is wood-based, with a simple piping system and shelving to display products. Within the wooden panels are hidden storage spaces for electronics and the like. The counter is kept tight and clean with glass displays to showcase accessories. Music is very important to us, so the store has been outfitted with a Sonos system, a smart network of speakers that fills the space with clean sound without disturbing our kind neighbors. The interior is finished off with a custom curtain for the fitting room, and of course, a Patta doormat. Swing by 6 Silver Place in Soho, London if you have the chance!



    Saturday, September 17 marked the official opening of our Patta London store. After all the festivities from the day before, a final check and cleaning was done to welcome our very first customers inside the new space designed by Lili de Goede. UK support has been amazing throughout the years, but arriving in the morning hours and seeing a cue filling up the street, running around the corner all the way to the end, is unreal! We would like to give a big salute and thank you for your great support, patience and overwhelming warm welcome in the great city of London. We are looking forward to build with you!



    It's been a long time coming, and last week it finally happened: A second brick and mortar Patta store, adding physical presence in the heart of London. The crew flew in for this special occasion, helping with the final touches to the interior designed by Lili de Goede, and set up for pre-opening with family & friends and a 7-hour special broadcast in collaboration with Know Wave - before officially opening its doors for public. Music guests included Don't Cry Don't Beg, Gully Type, Know Dibi Dibi, Martelo, Lil Silva and of course the Patta Soundsystem. At the same time, the film crew was also present to document the final bits of footage for the Get Familiar documentary. All in all, a very hectic and exciting time. Friends and family from all over filled up the cozy Soho street quick, catching up, taking pictures and enjoy the cold fresh beverages provided by Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and Guinness. Big love to Danielle from Sonos who not only provide our in store sounds, but also facilitated us with their beautiful Sonos Studio space for friends & family dinner.

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