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Gallery Vriend van Bavink is presenting in the gallery on 20 November a joint exhibition by Marc Oosting and Boris Tellegen


Copying form and text plays a central role in the work of both Marc Oosting and Boris Tellegen. Where Marc Oosting literally has drawings copied offshore in South Korea, Boris Tellegen repeats forms by deconstructing and reconstructing them. In the exhibition COPY Oosting and Tellegen show us the value of craft and repetition. Craft becomes more valuable by repetition, because it becomes better executed in the course of time. In the exhibition the question is posed of how this is translated into art and authenticity.

Marc Oosting
For the series ‘Alien Realism’ Rijksakademie graduate Marc Oosting paid a South Korean artist to reproduce his pen and pencil drawings on paper as hyperrealistic oil paintings. These paintings are drawn from a new perspective and set the viewer on the wrong foot. With this work he questions what authenticity, craft and authorship mean within art. Oosting's signature is both enlarged and concealed in this series. Loose sketches marked with creases, coffee stains, and shoeprints are given new overtones and placed on a pedestal.
Boris Tellegen
Boris Tellegen began his career in the 80s under his pseudonym DELTA, as one of the founders of the graffiti scene in the Netherlands. Whereas a wall or train used to provide the canvas for his creations, he has developed his craft in a direction in which relief, 3-dimensionality and perspective play an important role. By deconstructing and reconstructing forms Tellegen distorts the viewer's perception and makes his work sculptural and visual. By using a fixed number of forms he creates series of works in which repetition and adaptation of a form or series of forms push the boundaries of these forms by continually repeating them.
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