Posted by Anne van Lingen on

Patta Amsterdam is getting ready to reopen its doors, with the next Summer 2020 drop, on Friday May 8th. Obviously, there are many factors to take into account in keeping everyone who visits us safe, so there are some rules to shopping with us for the time being.
For your (and our team's) convenience and safety,
we are accepting customers via appointment only.

To make an appointment, knock on the window or call us at +31203318571
to ask our staff for the earliest available time slots in our timetable.

One customer at a time
Time slots are ten minutes per customer
Keep a 1,5 meter distance at all times
If you are just looking to browse, please check www.patta.nl
PIN / Credit card only
Gloves will be provided and are mandatory
No fitting, please ask staff for advice
Thanks for shopping with us. We appreciate each and all of you. 
With all of retail being hit hard in this corona crisis, where you decide to spend your hard-earned money doing groceries and which businesses you choose to support almost becomes a statement. As an independent company ourselves, we are very grateful for every purchase, and we show this by going the extra length to provide good service. We figured we’d show you the beauty in buying local, while we're homebound, by highlighting some of our regular but extraordinary spots around our way.