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What went down at Patta World Tour: Berlin


Photography by Jorge Alvarado

For the third leg of the Patta World Tour, the team selected Berlin as its next destination right in the heart of Berlin, renowned for its vinyl aficionados and streetwear culture. The evening commenced with the screening of the documentary film "Patta for Life," a significant facet of the event. Following the screening, a panel discussion unfolded, graced by the presence of key figures like Edson Sabajo alongside with Calum Andrews representing HHV and the filmmaker Rikash Bobby Gobardhan from Goodville. Also in attendence was Candy Reding and Kwame Hammond from Team Patta.

The local community played an active and engaging role in the dialogue, which encompassed discussions on Music, Sneakers, and Inclusion—topics that resonated deeply with the attendees. As the night progressed, festivities escalated with a party highlighted by a DJ Edzon vinyl-only set, setting the perfect tone. Subsequently, a spirited karaoke session and late-night dancing kept the celebratory atmosphere alive well into the night.

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