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El Haloef Litsini

El Haloef Litsini
Patta Soundsystem

Patta x Mohamed Ghabri x Colors Amsterdam X MC Theater alongside Appelsap Oosterpark & Red Light Radio (apologies for the long intro) present El Haloef Listsini on Queensday 2012 at Westerpark. Broadcasting by Red Light Radio, drinks by Bacardi, barbeque, and free shirts and hoodies. Basically, you know where to be on Queensday this year... Line-Up: Oneman (UK), Mr. Wix, Cinnaman, Vic Crezée, Faberyayo (Live), FS Green, Lando Kal (US/DE), Hydroboyz (Live), Awanto 3, Audio Culture, DJ Tim Nieburg, Strange Boutique, MC Lentini, MC Lyrical Tie and more!

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