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Avenue (Antwerp, Belgium)
STOY (Aarhus, Denmark)
Asphaltgold (Darmstad, Germany)
BSTN (Munich, Germany)
HHV (Berlin, Germany)
HIGHSNOBIETY (Berlin, Germany)
Beamhill (Helsinki, Finland)
Brands Leaders (Porto, Portugal)
Latte (Lisbon, Portugal)
SVD (Barcelona and Madrid, Spain)
Graduate Store (Bordeaux, France)
Le Labo (Valence, France)
MILK (Nantes and La Baule stores, France)
Starcow (Paris, France)
Footshop (Prague, Czech Republic)
Black Box (Roma and Napoli, Italy)
SOTF (Florence, Italy)
Sneakers76 (Taranto, Italy)
Sia Rocket Science ITK (Riga, Latvia)
Stress Kirkegata (Oslo, Norway)
Titolo (Bern and Zurich, Switserland)

For inquiries, please contact with a company profile deck and brand list.

United Kingdom

END - Newcastle/Glasgow
Hanon - Aberdeen
Hip Store - Leeds/Nottingham


Wish Atlanta (Atlanta, USA)
Bows and Arrows (Berkeley, USA)
Two18 (Detroit, USA)
Concepts (New York, USA)
Extra Butter (New York, USA)
Alumni ((New York, USA)
Saint Alfred (Chicago, USA)
Social Status (Across USA)
Union LA (Los Angeles, USA)
Undefeated (Los Angeles, USA)
Headquarter (Mexico City, Mexico)
Off The Hook (Montreal, Canada)


1st Product (Melbourne, Australia)
Up There (Melbourne, Australia)
Above The Clouds (Sydney Australia)
Laced (Brisbane, Australia)
Ageless Galaxy (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Beams (Japan)
Worksout (Seoul, South Korea)
DOE LIFE (Shanghai)
24 Kilates (Bangkok, Thailand)
Crossover (Kuala Lumpur and Johor, Malaysia)
Amongst Few (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Crowdless (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Shelflife (Cape Town, South Africa)

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