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Fundraiser for Morroco at Garage Noord

Fundraiser for Morroco at Garage Noord

Join us at Garage Noord for an evening of giving, music, heartfelt conversations, and shared laughter. This Thursday, from 17:00 to 23:00, Stichting Aknarij, Stichting Emcemo, Buurtkeuken Aknarijwest, and café40 warmly invite you to a fundraiser that promises music, insightful discussions, and delicious food.

All the proceeds from this event will be channeled to Stichting Aknarij who will diligently gather all contributions and personally deliver them to the representatives of 'Stichting vrienden van Amizmiz' in the village of Amizmiz. This ensures that the funds do not pass through the Moroccan government but directly reach those in need. If the generosity of the evening surpasses our expectations, we will conduct thorough research to identify other independent organizations or community initiatives deserving of support. We hope to see you this Thursday, but if you're unable to attend, please consider making a donation. Your contribution will make a difference.

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