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From our ongoing yearly collaborations with Dekmantel, this year we worked together on a compilation featuring new music from upcoming The Netherland-based producers Animistic Beliefs, RAFF, ZoharRanie Ribeiro & Darling. We wanted our readers to get a feeling of who these artists are and the music they produce.  

Vinyl copies of this compilation are available as giveaways with the purchase of items from the collection, in limited quantities in-store at Patta Amsterdam only. First come first serve. Digital copies can be pre-ordered only from Dekmantel’s Bandcamp.

Check out the Patta x Dekmantel collection here  


Please introduce yourself and your craft to our readers
I play and make music/sound as Zohar, sometimes for the dancefloor and other times to express or feel a certain way.

Can you share your best Dekmantel memory with us?
My best Dekmantel memory was during my first time playing the festival, I was excited but also nervous because the forecast predicted rain and I knew the stage was only covering the DJ booth. And it started to rain from 0 to 100 while I was 20 minutes in my set. Most of the people started running to seek cover and just a handful could not be bothered. A few pulled out rain covers and the others just accepted it, they danced even harder and it made me feel really appreciated. I was afraid that the rain might make me end up on a lonely stage, but it became very intimate and personal. After the rain stopped and the crowd grew, those drained faces were wearing the biggest smiles. They might not even have realized that they gave me so much energy.

Tell us about your track on the compilation..
There is no big story behind this track. I started it about a year ago but got stuck a couple of times so I put it aside. After the first couple months of lock down I had found it again and really got to appreciate and finish it. I guess it needed a different time :).




Please introduce yourself and your craft to our readers
I’m RAFF a Surinam DJ/ Producer based in Rotterdam

Can you share your best Dekmantel memory with us?
I think the one that stands out the most for me is Dekmantel festival 2019. It was the perfect festival weather with a sick line-up. To see Carista play at the main stage, made me really proud. I also did a few dance moves in the Greenhouse where Batu absolutely smashed it.

There was not a specific thing per se that made this festival stand out, but it was the whole vibe and experience that made it memorable.

Tell us about your track on the compilation..
The name of the track is Disparate Fragments. When I was on holiday in Cuba, I visited Havana. During my stay here the title popped in my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about it because I was very intrigued by it. When I got home I immediately started working on a track based on the vibe that the title gave me mixed with the impressions I got from Havana.




Please introduce yourself and your craft to our readers
Hello!, my name is Anton Pieete, also known as “Darling”.
I make music in many different shapes and forms. Everyday when i wake up i can’t wait to go to the studio.

Can you share your best Dekmantel memory with us?
That would be the one and only Jeff Mills on the festival 4 or 5 years ago.
It was this unreal moment where everything came together for me.. Perfect music, perfect soundsystem, perfect mood and perfect friends around me.

Tell us about your track on the compilation..
I made this track 2 years ago.
I remember Vic Crezee was in my studio while I was making it, and he really liked that beat and bassline.
It came together pretty fast.
606 beat, 101 bassline, poly 6 pad and this funny Japanese vocal I had laying around.
When Vic asked me for a track for the compilation i immediately thought of this track, and im happy it came out on this dope release!

Animistic Beliefs 

Please introduce yourself and your craft to our readers
We’re Linh Luu and Marvin Lalihatu and together we make up the deviant techno live-act ‘Animistic Beliefs’. We mainly use vintage synthesizers and DIY gear to make our music. Our mission is to invent a new, creole musical language by repurposing forms from techno and IDM as well as influences from South-East Asian music, applying an alternative perspective that is both deeply personal and political. Marvin’s Moluccan and Linh’s Vietnamese-Chinese heritage are key inspirations behind the project 🌿.

Can you share your best Dekmantel memory with us?
One of our favourite Dekmantel memories was seeing Samuel Kerridge live at the UFO stage some years ago. It was an extremely hot day, I believe it was above 34 degrees celsius. Even though the temperature at the indoor stage seemed to be even higher, people didn’t care. The UFO stage was PACKED! We moved from the back all the way to the front, passing all the sweaty dancing bodies while hearing Samuel Kerridge’s distorted voices and broken drum sounds blasting through the speakers. It was a really sick show!! There were big fans blowing in the back, which frankly didn’t help cool us down at all, and a very nice light installation running past the walls. We danced like crazy and ended up coming out of the UFO all soaking wet, haha.

Tell us about your track on the compilation..
The inspiration for our track ‘Save Aru Islands’ came to us when we were watching documentaries by the Gecko Project in between our studio sessions. We were especially touched by the films about deforestation in the Moluccan province. It’s really awful how the global south is (still) being exploited by the global north.

The sounds that we used were inspired by an instrument from Indonesia called the Karinding, we recreate its timbres using analogue synthesizers. We’ve also sampled and manipulated our own voices, using them as instruments throughout the whole track. We really wanted to evoke the feeling of ritualistic and tribal dances with the song, while incorporating industrial electro sounds as well. 





Please introduce yourself and your craft to our readers
I’m Ranie Ribeiro and I was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with roots from Cape Verde. In 2009 I started out as a DJ and it didn’t take long after that before I started producing as well and started making a lot of house & techno music. Over the years of producing I’ve learned playing and recording various percussion instruments and discovered another passion, which is playing the harp. Because of this, my music has become more downtempo and meditative, while still emphasising on upfront drum and percussion layers.

Can you share your best Dekmantel memory with us?
At the moment I would say that it’s being on the Dekmantel x Patta compilation as I’m very appreciative to be appearing on it. Other then that I would say that my best memory has yet to come. :)

Tell us about your track on the compilation.
I made this track early 2017 and I had visited Japan some months earlier for the first time which fuelled my inspiration at that moment. My track Junee came forth from that as I was still reflecting my time being there.


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