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Get Familiar: Minikingz

Get Familiar: Minikingz
Get Familiar

Minikingz just came off stage at the latest Patta x Deviation event. Consisting of North-London based artists Ragz Originale, Oscar #Worldpeace and BenjiFlow, Minikingz have been out here, making waves in their community and beyond so it was time to get familiar and show some love to the crew.

Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?
Ragz: We are Mini Kingz. 3 spirits formed together with one purpose, to push culture!
I first discover Oscar through Tonga Ballon Gang and the collaboration with The D.O.T before discovering the rest of you guys so, how did you guys meet up?
Oscar: We all lived within 10 mins away from each other and we have been making music from young. But aside from music, we’re all like-minded people and I feel like once you know what you’re on, you find the people who share the same ideas and goals
Growing together seems to be quite organic amongst you guys - what do you have planned for the future?
Ben: We’ve got the Minikingz Tape coming next, that sounds so iconic. The bounce you guys are about to receive is phenomenal. We all have projects as well and also some features, we’re literally doing everything and plotting to take over the world.
How was the bowling event that you guys threw?
Oscar: Incredible, we had 120 people there including friends, family and supporters. It was sick to see everyone there especially after 2020 being in lockdown. Patta family dripped us out for the event, we looked icy
Who was getting strikes and who was in the gutter?
Ben: I wasn’t getting my usual numbers because I was hosting mostly! The rest of the boys stayed in their lanes more so I know they were hitting strikes but generally, I’m the best (just saying)
And you guys were partying like the wave god's wave god, how does the wave influence your art?
Ragz: I feel you have to go out and be one with the people, catch real vibes to know what’s going on in the culture. You got to make sure the bassline rumbles stomachs, you can’t gauge that indoors!
You’ve been rocking Patta for a while so it's nice to finally link up, how did you discover the brand?
Oscar: Music and Fashion go hand in hand so once you start making music you find clothing that represents you and the vibe you’re on and that’s the same with Patta. It represents us so much. Being connected to street culture, making music for youth culture.
As a black-owned independent brand, we believe it's very important to support people of colour in our communities before reaching out and making inauthentic associations with people from outside the circle. How do you guys feel is the best way for Black creatives to succeed together without competing with each other for a seat at the table?
Ragz: There is no such thing as a seat at the table, I believe you can create your own table, and put food on your own plate… we can all co-exist!
Collaboration is something that we take very seriously, in some ways, it's very key to our identity as a brand. What musicians would you like to collaborate with in the future?
Ragz: Not just music but I hope to collaborate on screenplays and clothes, going for all angles to progress this culture man! Watch out for that MiniKingz tape though!
Oscar: We’ve got our mixtape dropping and we plan to get everyone we love on there!
Ben: The mixtape is where you’ll see a whole gang of people, fresh talent and talent you’ve heard! Can’t wait for you to hear it!

The Minikingz are rocking the Patta Basic Hooded Sweater and Patta Basic Cargo Jogging Pants.

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