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We sat down with London based music artist Rushy to discuss his journey so far as well as upcoming projects, daily routines and dream goals. Read the full interview below:

How did your relationship with music begin?

I’ve listened to music my whole life. It’s just something that I’ve been interested in but I’d never actually thought of making music. I was more just fucking about, bars with the mandem; we might be sending for each other or whatever and then people started to realise that I could spit.

From there me and 2 of my boys started going studio. We recorded a track and the reaction we received made us realise that we should carry on making music and that’s what we did. We carried on making music and it then got to the point where we thought it was time to release a video.

How did you start your career?

After going studio with my boys regularly we realised that the quality of the music was getting better.

All of the mandem were telling me that Trippidy Trap should be the track that comes out first with a video because it best represents our vibe and the people we are. So that’s we done, we dropped the track and the reaction just happened to be a good reaction!

Where did you grow up and how did that influence your life at all?

I grew up in Hayes, West London. It’s a very multicultural area and my group of friends is full of all different types of people. Growing up in Hayes taught me not to judge others and that we’re all connected/alike in some sense. It's got people from different backgrounds, people from here and people who weren’t born here all chilling together and on the same sort of vibe.

Who were your main musical influences growing up?

Musically I can’t really say any particular person influenced me because I’ve listened to a lot of music and been through the different stages. I went through the hardcore boom bap phase, listening to Joey Badass when he was first coming up. Then I slightly drifted away from that and started fucking with the UK scene a bit more. After that it became one of them ones where I was fucking with both at the same time. I do remember listening to a lot of Skepta and especially Chip back in the day.

How would you best describe your musical style?

Fun & bouncy. My music is real.

In some tracks I might be saying the deepest stuff and in others not so much but it’s always real and you will always be able to get it and vibe with it.

Which other artists do you listen to regularly?

I listen to a lot of DBE & M Huncho. I’m listening to M1llionz too who is the hottest in drill right now in my opinion.

In terms of US artists I don’t really have any go-to’s but I might listen to some Joey Badass or maybe even an old Kanye album.

Take us through your creative process

I don’t really have a process it’s just on a vibe. Sometimes I’ll be in the studio by myself but most of the time I’ll be in the studio with my boy Romy Jo and Lano. We bounce ideas off each other, that’s the way I started and the easiest way to do it but I’m getting used to the others ways of making music.

I’m not really a guy to write bars before I’ve listened to the beat. I need a hard beat, something that I’m really connecting with.

Biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?

Music wise I’d say getting used to it when I first came in. I’d just dropped a track and it had gotten a million views. At the time I was used to walking around like everything was normal. But when I’d go to certain places some people would recognise me and act too excited, not coming on the right vibe so mostly just getting used to that.

Have you been to Amsterdam before? If so, did you enjoy it?

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice and I fuck with it. It’s just my vibe. Right now, anytime I want to smoke; it's trouble. You don’t want to smoke indoors and stink up your house and you don’t want to go to a public areas because some people don’t like it.

But in Amsterdam there seems to be something for everything and everyone. Plus when you go to smoke you know that you’re gonna smoke something good.

What’s your day to day like?

I might wake up and listen to some beats. Freshen up. Step out and meet the mandem. Anything could be happening! I might have studio, I might have a show that day.

I don’t really have a set routine, just waking up at a reasonable time and being active.

What was your dress code like growing up?

Til now it’s mostly the same vibe. I’ve just been wearing tracksuits. Until now I’m still not really a designer/flashy type of guy. On a day to day I’d rather be in a nice tracksuit and that’s what I’ve done my whole life.

What’s your dream goal/project?

My dream goal is to take this music thing as far as it can go. I’m trying to take it to the moon & back!

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I have a tape coming out very soon called #Stress3. It’s called #Stress3 because that’s what this project and this music thing is supposed to be doing for me. It’s meant to be getting me away from stress!

Check out Rushy’s latest video “Faces” ft. RomyJo here