Get Familiar: Sainté

Get Familiar: Sainté

Get Familiar: Sainté

In anticipation of the brand new Patta x New Balance 991v2 collaboration, we have a conversation with the protagonist for the campaign fresh out of the UK's illustrious music scene, none other than Sainté. Born and bred in the heart of Leicester, this rapper has seamlessly transitioned from the basketball courts, where he once made a name for himself as a semi-pro player, to the pulsating beats of the music industry. Sainté's journey is nothing short of remarkable, as his passion for music has taken him from the UK scene to the vibrant landscape of the USA, infusing a West Coast feel into his craft. Officially marking his entrance into the highly competitive underground music scene in 2019 with the release of "Champagne Shots," Sainté quickly became a force to be reckoned with. The track served as a stepping stone for his rapid ascent, with the subsequent release of "Envy Me" propelling his name into the spotlight behind the scenes. Not content to stay in the shadows, Sainté embarked on a tour alongside the likes of Kenny Beats and Denzel Curry, selling out show after show and leaving an indelible mark on audiences.

In recent times, Sainté has graced platforms such as A COLOR SHOW as well as presented a series of exciting music videos to accompany his latest releases, solidifying his presence in the music industry. His latest release has been making waves, and there's anticipation of a potential collaboration on the horizon. If you're keen to delve into the mind of Sainté and understand the journey that has brought him to where he is today, this interview is a must-read. To immerse yourself in the unique sound of UK Rap with a fresh perspective, look no further than Sainté's latest track, "Stop Crying," available now. Join us as we explore the depths of Sainté's musical journey and uncover the intricacies of his artistry.

How did your parent's music taste affect your music style?

To be honest my household is very responsible for my style. In my family house, it would be Gospel, R&B, Jazz and hip hop. I loved it all but I just found my preference for a mixture!

How did you develop the mixed style of USA and UK rap?

It was nothing crazy at all. A lot of artists I like are here in the UK and in the State. I just thought okay cool but there are a few angles that haven’t been seen out yet. I can’t give away the secret though.

What did your first live performance feel like?

It was an experience!! It was either at a membership house in London or Cloud X festival in London. I’m outgoing but I am still shy too so I was mad nervous but as soon as I started the 2nd song I’d be in my vibe and everyone would be feeling it too.

When did you realize that "Champagne Shots" were the real deal?

This one has been an ongoing realisation. To be honest I feel like I’m playing catch-up at times. Not long ago we were celebrating 50 million streams but yesterday it hit 96 million streams and me and my team got our first plaque hashtag SPEECHLESS.

To what heights has your music career taken you?

Interesting question but this is a retirement question, I’d like to believe the music has got me far you know, I just got myself the coupe I’ve always wanted and I’m doing business with people I would never have thought I’d be meeting with but I’m still a rookie and there’s plenty more to do and see.

You were the star in our latest collaboration with New Balance how did you cross paths with us?

Wellllll… this isn’t the first time but it’s the first time at the same time! I’ve always been in to Patta and going back to my video for ‘Old Times’ Patta came thru and sent some pieces. This time round was a full campaign with a New Balance also so I guess the next time will be even crazier!

What can we expect from Sainté in 2024?

New sonics, new swag and a whole lot of surprises. That can be features, side quests or anything. Next year is just an exciting time because everyone in the UK has been working in crazy stuff and I just want to see it all for myself and my loved ones.

Patta will be launching an exclusive Sea Moss colourway through our chapter stores and online as well as the globally available Pickled Beet colourway a week before selected retailers. Mark your calendars! The Patta x New Balance 991v2 collaboration will be available for purchase starting December 1st, 2023, at 13:00 CET on, via our mobile app, and in-store at Patta stores in Amsterdam, London, and Milan.