Patta Soundsystem


Steven Julien aka Funkineven, a DJ/producer whose musical roots lay in a rich pool of genres, will be performing b2b with Amsterdam's finest, Mairo Nawaz at Appelsap Festival. We had a little chat with him about Funkineven, influences and energies. 


What is the difference between Steven Julien and Funkineven?

There isn't a single difference between Steven Julien and Funkineven.
Funkineven is a name that I no longer use for creative work, so essentially Funkineven is no longer and I prefer to use my real name but I understand promoters want to include Funkineven on the bill as everyone is more familiar with that name, so its cool but yeah i guess I gotta make a hit under Steven Julien so everyone forgets about Funkineven lol

Your latest EP is called ‘Bloodline’. What musical genres did you grow up on and how have they influenced you? What traces of these influences are still to be found in your current sound?

I was raised up on ragga dancehall, hip hop, soul the list goes on but mostly black music, I guess everything I grew up around from my family being DJ,s and MCs etc gave me a lot of knowledge on a lot of things musically, learning about soul in things like R&B to house to rare groove still sticks with me and shows throughout my music I create.

Your Apron label releases a variety of young and already established talent who all have their significant sound, which somehow coincide with each other. Where do you find the music and what makes a track get the Apron stamp?

Hhmmmm, to be honest, I rather go with energy I see in a person or a feeling I go with listening to music from an artist, it just has to feel right and make sense but most of all it has to be straight up honest and unique that's what gives an “Apron sound” - I rather stay away from people that try to fit in on what's popular or not being honest or true to themselves..
So yeah energy and honesty is number one to me.

Aside from the music, Apron is very focused on its branding and overall look. Every season you even put out a collection of gear. How important is style for you and what are the inspirations for Apron the brand?

Yeah i think it goes hand in hand, music and aesthetic I wont say fashion, I'll call it a lifestyle of living, something that is a culture why you dress or look a certain way, something that means a lot to you why you wear it or listen to it - guess I'm an artist so I see everything in a way that it needs to stimulate my brain so aesthetic is everything to me on how it looks and feels.
Yes, we wanna take merchandise to another level so its important that we keep it moving with tee’s etc as we have so many great artists and ideas to help fit the Apron branding...

What does the future hold for Funkineven?

A new single I'm dropping soon taken from a new LP that I'm working on, a more live project, I'm excited about this one - also working on a hip hop project with Senay Kenfe, New Funkinevil project with my bro Kyle Hall so music music music.

What can we expect from Funkineven at the Patta Soundsystem stage?

Expect straight to the point rawness of fun b2b with my guy Mairo Nawaz!

Appelsap 2019 takes place in Flevopark, Amsterdam on Saturday August 10th. More info and tickets here