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Goya Gumbani - Cloth & Polish (prod. August Fanon)

Goya Gumbani - Cloth & Polish (prod. August Fanon)

Goya Gumbani is here with their brand new single 'Cloth & Polish' from the upcoming solo project ‘When the Past Bloomed’. On this latest offering, Gumbani captures the energy of a pulpit confessional, partly diaristic, partly testimonial; playfully sketching out scenes that reflect on renewal, ritual and his childhood. These musings are delivered over a smoky and shimmering funk laced instrumental that steadily accompanies the artists textbook smooth and assured delivery. As the beat builds, Goya relays his acknowledgements of old wounds that now allow room for a freshness that can only come with shedding.Setting the mood with a step-by-step on how to maintain and care for a pair of shoes, this introduction doubles as an understanding on the necessity of restoration and rejuvenation, affirming the need for moments for oneself and to us, the listener. Cloth and Polish loosely encourages the importance of phases of change and this is of note given the direction of this new project. The artist is clearly building up and cultivating relationships with an array of musicians - including August Fanon, producer of this single - to present a clear thread of development in his burgeoning sound. The single is accompanied by a video directed by frequent collaborator Ivor Alice and features cameos from artists within Goya’s circle. This single sets the tone for the next exciting moment in the artists’ journey ‘When the Past Bloomed, coming out on the 25th of May.

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