Homebase Music Talent Development Programme

Homebase Music Talent Development Programme

Homebase Music Talent Development Programme


After the first successful year of the Homebase Music Talent Development Programme (HMTDP), Het HEM and Sonos will continue their joint mission to support young local female musical talent in their development as artists and professionals in the music industry. Moving forward under the name Homebase Music Talent Programme (HMTP), the talents Fabs, Reanny and Saïda Galadi will, under guidance of coach Olga Zegers, work together with Rosetta Beats and Goddess of the Mic during a writers camp in March, and a public music event in October. On March 8, International Women’s Day, Het HEM will release a documentary showing the first year of their journey.

More spaces for local up-and-coming female music talent to develop themselves and their practice. That has been the driving force behind the Homebase Music Talent Programme (HMTP). Three emerging artists from Zaanstad and Amsterdam - Fabs, Reanny and Saïda Galadi - have been part of a development project in which they have been coached by Olga Zegers and supported by rapper and Homebase co-initiator Ella John to work on their self-awareness as artists and create their own space in the music industry. The documentary shows their individual trajectory during this first year of HMTP - focused, and each with their own unique vision and sound. Homebase participant Giovanni Tuinfort followed the talents closely and filmed the masterclasses they received from, amongst others, Tess van Zwol and Milka Maduro, and their live performances in Het HEM during the Homebase Connects festival.

As a home for contemporary culture, Het HEM actively engages with local and international communities to develop programmes that connect emerging and more established artists and facilitate their needs. After conversations with Ella John from Zaanstad, with whom Het HEM has close ties, the HMTP was set up in 2022 and launched that same year with support from global sound experience company Sonos. HMTP is part of the social impact programme ‘Soundwaves’, initiated by Sonos to support music education and mentorship opportunities around the world. With a focus on promoting inclusivity, Sonos Soundwaves funds nonprofits that work to advance women and other underrepresented groups in the field of sound.

“The gender gap in the music industry is still glaringly wide, and expanding career opportunities for female artists is needed to build a more equitable and inclusive future. As part of our Soundwaves program’s commitment to investing in emerging musical innovators, Sonos is proud to continue our support of Het HEM’s Homebase Music Talent Programme.” - Deji Olukotun, Director of Global Affairs & Sustainability

This year, the three HMTP-talents will continue to receive support in the second phase of the project, focused on collaborating with female music producers. New collaborators Rosetta Beats and Goddess of the Music, two Amsterdam based platforms committed to gender equality in music, will organize a writers camp in March where the HMTP-talents will work on new music with producers and other musical talent. In October they will organize a public event aimed at bringing together female professionals and talent in the industry. Music artists, professionals and lovers will be able to exchange experiences and listen to each other’s work; including the new songs produced during the writers camp. With an ever growing reach and network, Het HEM and Sonos continue working together to maximize the impact of HMTP and create space for young talent to create and inspire.

Meet the participants:

Fabienne D’Azevedo:

Fabs is a female rapper from Amsterdam with a unique style in Trap, Drill, Grime and Afro, who is not afraid to experiment and express herself. At seven, she wrote her first lyrics. Seven years later, she recorded her first song in the studio. Since then, she has been working non-stop on her music. Fabs can be found all over the Netherlands at various challenges, talent shows and open mics, including De Helling, Garage Noord, Sexyland and Philharmornie. She also sometimes performs abroad. In November 2022, she released her first single “M Huncho” with music video and hosted her own release party. She will release her second single “12 on dang” with a music video this year.

Saïda Galadi:

In 2022 singer Saïda decided to start making music again after a three-year break. After growing on a personal level for a while, she now has renewed inspiration and motivation to share her voice and story. She is currently in the studio regularly, taking her time to find and develop her new style. Her goal is to make music with a message and start releasing from 2023 onwards. Saïda has an R&B voice and would like to experiment more with Afro and Jazz influences. In the future, she wants to make music while traveling and create a sound with influences from her African roots.

About the coach:

Olga Zegers:

Olga Zegers is a music expert with more than 30 years of experience. Zegers started her career in the pioneering club RoXY and at the booking agency Barkers. She then got a position as a programmer at event organization ID&T, where she was the driving force behind inter national festivals such as Mysteryland and Sensation and where she worked for 17 years. Olga is now the programmer at the Gashouder in Amsterdam.

About the partners:

Rosetta Beats:

Rosetta Beats is a platform for female and gender non-conforming music producers based in Amsterdam. Since 2020 they have been organizing panels, events and courses through their own rosetta.school. We are in touch with Josephine Zwaan about how we can forge a connection between HMTP and Rosetta in elevating female musical talents and making connections with professionals globally.

Goddess of the Mic

Goddess of the Mic is a platform and recording label, founded by Milka Maduro with the mission to rebalance the distribution of female and male artists in the music industry, with a focus on the Netherlands. Where male energy dominates, this platform creates space for various female music entrepreneurs and their characters. Not only the female artist, but also the engineers, producers and songwriters deserve space in this field. Goddess of the Mic organizes artist coaching and writing sessions, and publishes music by female artists.