Maxxed Out at Garage Noord

Maxxed Out at Garage Noord

Maxxed Out at Garage Noord

This Thursday, March 16th, Patta and Nike will be taking to Amsterdam Noord’s nightlife hub Garage Noord. Over the last 5 years, we have seen this venue play host to many people, crew and organisations that have gone on to shape the future of this city. Through-out this night you will have a line up curated by our very own, Passion DEEZ.



The inimitable DJ who plays alchemy of bass-centric sounds from 2-step and dark garage to instrumental grime and jungle. Coming from over 10+ years broadcasting on community and pirate radio, Passion DEEZ focuses on creating sustainable spaces to showcase his ideas and influences. Whether he is using Pop vocals to make fringe club sounds more accessible, diving into pseudo-nostalgia to unite diverse audiences or through his curation for events with a focus on inclusivity and representation, Passion DEEZ is on a mission. Commonly performing a guest on pretty much every community radio station and broadcast platform in the Netherlands, his passion for hosting and curating in these spaces is as unrelenting as it has ever been. Every month, without fail, you can find him everywhere and anywhere. With a daisy chain of club performances, festival appearances, radio shows and events that he has programmed and on top of that being a part of Team Patta, Passion DEEZ is a name that is hard to miss and even harder to forget.

On this night we have invited Bluetoof all the way from the U.K. to perform his first ever Netherlands show. After earning his stripes, the London-based Bass music specialist has gone on to take up a residency at Rinse.FM, multiple shows at legendary venue Fabric as well as entering the festival circuit with a bang last summer at Dimensions Festival. It's his ambition to fuse UK techno and breaks in a way that no one has done before that has made him a pivotal figure in the current music landscape. Launching his own label INFA RED, collaborating with Jossy Mitsu to form BLUMITSU and elevating music from his peers has made him a catalyst for the contemporary scene in and around London.

He has also invited OOST resident Daddy Long Dick, Afia Mol’s alias is known for her eclectic sets where she switches between different contemporary styles. Seamlessly connecting Kuduro, Dancehall, Gqom, Juke and so much more. The connecting thread between everything that she does is percussion. The Groningen-based DJ had been causing waves in her local scene and through sheer talent alone, had stood up next to name-brand performers and caused chaos on the dancefloor.

Hothead are one of the most exciting groups in Amsterdam right now. Everything they put out if so authentically them. From radio shows, movies, zines and curating their own programs, the clique are here to perform a live show like no other. Once they get their heads down, you can’t stop the groove. Drum machines, synthesisers and foot pedals take centre stage for a jam style collaborative performance from the Amsterdam based-crew.

The mastermind behind FVR, Jespfur is here to perform his Garage Noord debut. The Brabant-export has been on a mission of late. Showcasing his talent through multiple projects including his band Weak Moves and his producer pseudonym Man Arcade. Jespfur takes his ocean of influences and channels them through his guitar, SP404, microphone and loop pedals to create something truly authentic. This is a life act you won’t want to miss.

Joining those who live acts are some of our favourite DJs, starting with Lola Edo. The nightlife veteran has been a key part in creating communities in this city for a long time already and on this night we see her taking to the Bar40 booth to further this mission. Co-owner of Amsterdam’s favourite queer bar Pamela, Lola Edo knows a thing or two about good curation. Her belief in if you create something good, the people will come has informed the way she selects and this really shows. In recent months we have seen her take to the stage at Milkshake Festival, de Trut, De School Cafe and more. Lola Edo is just warming up and we can not wait to see what she has for us.

Rounding things out is Cawd Slaydaz, the emerging project from two titans in Amsterdam's music community. Max Abysmal & Hugo de Naranja met at the legendary Red Light Radio, a pivotal part of the neighbourhood Patta calls home. During the pandemic, they found themselves taking the roads less travelled amidst a global pandemic and social uprising in their host country of Colombia. Bridging together two lifetimes' worth of musical experiences as well as inviting locals to tell the stories that need to be told.