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Patta x SMIB Listening Session at Radio Radio

Patta x SMIB Listening Session at Radio Radio

When you talk about Dutch creativity, Amsterdam’s SMIB collective have been forerunners for the contemporary artistic landscapes you see within the Netherlands’ music scene. In the five years since its emergence the SMIB collective has always remained independent, while running a clothing brand, clothing store, music festival, record label and a publishing house. Always pushing things forward, championing collaboration and fashion to create a powerhouse team of producers, clothing designers, rappers, groups, video makers and the occasional punk band. Coming out of Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, more colloquially known as the BIMS, the crew came up together and built a cult following within the Netherlands and beyond. Many members of the SMIB collective have been a part of Team Patta so it was only right that they opened a store right across the road from Patta’s flagship store on the Zeedijk.⁠⁠


Our friends over at Radio Radio hosted us as we had a listening session in which we discuss the creative process behind the record with Venz, Gee, Victor Crezee, GRGY & KC.


To commemorate SMIB’s 5 year anniversary, Patta joined hands with our long term friends from the Bijlmer to make the SMIBPATTA album late last year. The SMIBPATTA album is an intergenerational effort that sees Smib collaborating with local legends past and present. SMIB TAPE D: SMIBPATTA features guest appearances by MC Nina, Duvel, Kleine Viezerik, SugaCane, Maikal X, Bokoesam, Ella John, Fosa, Lost, T.Milan, Vince & Willem. ⁠⁠
To celebrate record store day we will be finally releasing this record as a 12” vinyl release, accompanied by a poster with photography from Dennis Branko. The SMIBPATTA record will be free only when you purchase apparel from the Patta x SMIB capsule excluding the Patta x SMIB Bandanas and Pins. It's not for sale on its own. 
The Patta x SMIB SMIBPATTA 12” record will be available from, our mobile app and Patta London, Patta Milano and Patta Amstrdam from Saturday, June 12th at 13:00 CEST.



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