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Patta x Stedelijk

Patta x Stedelijk

Back in December of last year, a special exhibition with close ties to Patta’s roots opened up at Amsterdam’s largest modern art space, the Stedelijk Museum. The Surinamese School is an exhibition that celebrates a unique collection of Surinamese paintings. Exploring Surinamese expression in all its diversity and depth, the exhibition presented in over 100 artworks by 35 artists, Surinamese School explores the key themes and narratives at the heart of Surinamese painting from the last century.

Depictions of Surinamese history, spirituality and everyday life, alongside forays into abstraction, and social change, the show gives a stage to showcase artistic developments. In conjunction with the Surinamese School Exhibition, Patta has worked closely with the Stedelijk Museum on a T-Shirt, displaying one specific piece out of the exhibition. A graphic T-Shirt with the Stedelijk Museum logo on the left side of the chest, and on the back a multi-colour print of 'Chinese Slippers', a piece made by Jules Chin A Foeng in 1980.


The Patta x Stedelijk Museum T-Shirt will be available from, on our mobile app as well as in the museum shop at the Stedelijk Museum, Patta Amsterdam, Patta Milano and Patta London on Saturday, 26th of June at 13:00 CEST.

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