Patta Amsterdam

This season, Patta creative director Vincent van de Waal worked on his own interpretation of the Amsterdam coat of arms. As a result of this, the idea came up to shoot a series around the DNA of our dear city, featuring a cross section of the people that give our city its unique character.

The series shows a total of 51 portraits all shot on Polaroid 8x10 film, the brand’s large format film that’s made by hand in the Netherlands, by Polaroid’s in-house photographer Harriet Browse.

Abderrahmane Trabsini: Born April 8 1989 in the west side of Amsterdam. Of Morrocan descent. Co-founder and creative director of Daily Paper.

Julmar Simons: Music artist known as “Adje”

Mubarek Amartey: singer/songwriter, Afrobeats to the world.

Anoeska Schmidt: Anoeska Schmidt is a proud Saramaccan woman and a real 80s baby. Community building, upliftment, entrepreneurship and friendships keep her going. In 2010, she founded The Natural Nation, a natural hair spa & salon, specialising in kinky, curly and locked hair. Until then, it was very hard to find salons or hairdresser training for this hairtype in Holland.

Aukje Dekker: Visual Artist, co-founder SEXYLAND

Benny Komala: Founder of Ben-G Skateshop Amsterdam & part owner of indoor skate park Noord.

Bonne Reijn: Stylegod and founder of Bonne Suits Amsterdam

Bredda Neil: Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK (how old? as my grannie used to say “im as old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth!”) Proud Amsterdam resident for the last 30 years…. World Traveller, Ganja defender …Graphic Designer by profession …Sound System Operator and Builder of King Shiloh sound systems, "Healing of the Nations" Weekly Radio show host, record label founder…. longtime Rastafarian and campaigner for Peace Love & Unity among all nations, 'cos that’s the Healing! Equal Rights & Justice for all.

Brian Elstak: Brian Elstak is your friendly neighbourhood artist. Armed only with a pencil as sharp as his wits. He is a visual artist, illustrator, painter, children's book writer and connector between all sorts of creatives and storytellers. He is also part of art collective Lowrey Foley McClane (LFMC)

Chris van de Kamp: Former kickboxer, martial arts trainer

Clarice Gargard: Journalist & columnist

Clayde Menso: Director of Amerpodia (De Rode Hoed, Felix Meritis, De Nieuwe Liefde, Het Compagnietheater

Dana Lixenberg: Amsterdam,1964. Photographer.

Daniel Eeuwens: Founder Cafe de Duivel

Eben Badu: Creative, Co-founder of clothing brand THE NEW ORIGINALS

Edward van Gils: Captain of globe street team, 4x official world streetsoccer champion, owner of streetkings.eu

Etienne Sandel: Former coach of baseball club the Amsterdam Marshalls.

Fatima Elatik: Amsterdam born and raised, former political director, currently strategic advisor and coach for governors.

Georgy Dendoe: Founder & Creative Director SUMIBU, Co-founder/artist SMIBWORLDWIDE

Idaly Faal: Music artist.

Ilayah Dost: 14-year-old street soccer prospect

Janeth Domingos: Doorbitch by night, creative activist by day.

Jean Paul Paula: Creative director/Photographer/Stylist

Joost van Bellen: DJ writer sound designer catwalk music director promoter pervert cook clown lover

Joy Wielkens: Actress/Singer

Kees Heus: DJ (KC the Funkaholic), label owner and artist booker.

Kees de Koning: Founder of Top Notch records

Kim Tuin: Director of Het HEM. Former director for Stichting NDSM-werf, general manager of TrouwAmsterdam and night mayor of Amsterdam, as member of ‘de Nachtwacht’ collective. Kim has spent many years bringing high quality art to unexpected places, and bringing together audience groups that wouldn’t meet as easily otherwise.

Christiana Johnson: Co-founder of DRKNGHTS Collective. DJ & Freelance creative

Lakiescha Tol: 19 years old, co-founder of @zetjein, something that started as a citizens’ initiative and became a mini-organisation

Linda van Deursen (1961): Co-founder of Mevis & van Deursen.

Lola Edobor: Co-founder of bar Pamela.

Malvin Wix: Creative connector

Marian Duff: Art and fashion curator/ museum director of OSCAM

Martin Esajas: "Society worries me. Through my work as I experience first-hand that basic decency standards are fading. I try to teach the youth respect, equality, equal treatment, but also responsibility towards your fellow man. Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig. (= Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate)"

Massih Hutak: Musician, writer, theater maker and artist from Amsterdam-Noord. As a columnist published in Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool weekly. Uses hiphop as a window to the world and his home of Amsterdam-Noord as point of departure. Active against gentrification and growing social inequity with his group Verdedig Noord.

Hugethe Sabajo: Proud mother of Tim and Edson and official grand Marnier of Team Patta.

Mick Johan: Mick Johan (1980) is a stay-at-home-dad with a lot of hobbies. He was the first editor in chief of Vice magazine in the Netherlands, half of infamous artist duo Miktor & Molf, and wrote a poorly sold novel. He now plays the drums in a band called MICH (@michamsterdam), works as an artist and writer, and recently joined forces with Sexyland.

Mitchell Esajas and Jessy de Abreu

Mitchell Esajas: Co-founder of New Urban Collective/ The Black Archives

Jessica de Abreu: anthropologist, curator and activist.

Mohamed Ghabri: Founder of Mo Manager bookings and management.

Mousid Akhamrane: World champion kickboxing, thaiboxing, savate. Coach of many professional fighters Glory, UFC, Bellator, Enfusion.

Soortkill: Soortkill is de compiler of the Smibanese Dictionary, a physical documentation of a dialect within the “street language” vocabulary of The Netherlands. Smibanese is a dialect from Southeast Amsterdam, aka de Bijlmer / Bims / Smib.

Niels Meulman: is a visual artist, graffiti writer, graphic designer and art director, born, raised and based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Meulman’s designs and artwork are in the permanent collections of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, as well as part of many private collections.

Orpheu de Jong: Spaarndammerbuurt born and raised. DJ & Music Curator

Piet Parra: Artist/byParra/tiredskateboards/michamsterdam/Le Le

Ray Fuego: Music Artist and Co-founder of SMIB WORLDWIDE, PLOEGENDIENST. Proud father of Nayada.

Angelo Diop (Rotjoch): Label owner and founder of 101 Barz.

Samora Bergtop: Actress/Creative producer/Director

Shamiro van der Geld: Night Mayor of Amsterdam 2018-2020

Sohna Sumbunu: Co-founder of @Zetjein

Sunny Jansen: Creative, Editor at large Pindahmagazine, transactivist